Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm still looking

Yep, I'm still looking at houses in Florida. I seem to always be searching real estate sites looking to see what is available in any given area of Florida. I still haven't found a house we can afford in all of my searches. It is kinda discouraging. The latest area I've been looking in is Tampa. Tampa real estate is a little on the expensive side, but it is a nice area. We have friends there and it is close to Orlando. It would be a good distance from my family though. It will definitely take some thought on our part before we decide on that part of Florida.

save our homes

Attention all football fans.............College and NFL


There is one thing that irritates me more than any other either while watching a game in the stands or watching on tv. That is fans booing their own team. This especially irritates me in college football. Come on folks these are kids. They are playing to the best of their ability. They make mistakes. Don't make it worse. You show how classless you are when you boo a kid. I've been known to tell those booing around me to sit down and shut up. I mean really, if they could play any better they would be out there on the field instead of up in the stands with me. I was at the Vandy game last night and the fans were booing when Eastern Michigan scored. Ummm, hello people............your team was winning handily. What is the purpose of the booing? Your team played well enough to win and you are booing them? WTF? I was dumbfounded.

I was at a Titans game in '99 or 2000 (I forget which) and we were playing the Bengals. The fans were booing Steve McNair. Are football fans just stupid? I was again dumbfounded when they were booing #9. Did they not realize he was having one of his best games? He had over 300 passing yards. What more did they want from him? It was completely ridiculous for them to be booing. We won the game for crying out loud.

Unfortunately it happens often in college and professional football. My plea is that fans either learn a little more about the game or grow up and stop showing your ignorance. These players are not perfect and they are going to make mistakes. How would you feel if people were booing you when you made a mistake?

If you must boo somebody, boo the opposing team. They kinda expect it.

What is it with these young stars?

Is it so bad being famous? Bad enough to do things that are detrimental to their health? I know that I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to be watched everywhere you go. Or to be criticized for every little thing that you do. That has to be hard. But, they are not making it better by doing drugs or drinking/partying to excess. They are not only giving their critics more ammunition, but they are ruining their lives. They could possibly be shortening their lives by many many years. It's very sad. I've lost count of the number or young celebrities who have gone to rehad in the past few years. I just hope that the alcohol and drug rehabilitation works for these troubled kids.

Polls are out!

UGA is 12 on the AP poll and 11 on the USA Today poll. The Gators fell to #9. I personally think they should have at least dropped out of the top 10. After all they did lose to an unranked opponent (hee hee). AP has LSU (go SEC) at #1, but USA Today still has USC. I'll try not to go into my rant about them ( nobody.....etc.). The SEC has 3 in the top 10 and 5 in the top 15. Not bad.

Here are the complete polls.
1. LSU (33) 5-0 1,593
2. USC (32) 4-0 1,591
3. California 5-0 1,475
4. Ohio State 5-0 1,420
5. Wisconsin 5-0 1,271
6. South Florida 4-0 1,203
7. Boston College 5-0 1,172
8. Kentucky 5-0 1,143
9. Florida 4-1 1,031
10. Oklahoma 4-1 992
11. South Carolina 4-1 900
12. Georgia 4-1 885
13. West Virginia 4-1 861
14. Oregon 4-1 837
15. Virginia Tech 4-1 639
16. Hawaii 5-0 586
17. Missouri 4-0 561
18. Arizona State 5-0 497
19. Texas 4-1 449
20. Cincinnati 5-0 377
21. Rutgers 3-1 299
22. Clemson 4-1 265
23. Purdue 5-0 218
24. Kansas State 3-1 214
25. Nebraska 4-1 198

USA Today
1. USC (45) 4-0 1,483
2. LSU (14) 5-0 1,454
3. California 5-0 1,363
4. Ohio State (1) 5-0 1,313
5. Wisconsin 5-0 1,251
6. Boston College 5-0 1,138
7. Florida 4-1 1,000
8. Kentucky 5-0 971
9. South Florida 4-0 960
10. Oklahoma 4-1 925
11. Georgia 4-1 758
12. West Virginia 4-1 756
13. Oregon 4-1 697
14. Virginia Tech 4-1 661
15. Hawaii 5-0 585
16. Texas 4-1 573
17. Missouri 4-0 532
18. South Carolina 4-1 529
19. Arizona State 5-0 466
20. Purdue 5-0 423
21. Rutgers 3-1 347
22. Clemson 4-1 278
23. Nebraska 4-1 261
24. Cincinnati 5-0 249
25. UCLA 4-1 79

I'm always looking for Christmas and birthday gifts

I hate to go shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts. I never know what to get anyone (well, except my kids........they are easy). Michael is always hard to buy for. He says that I am hard to buy for. Not really. You can get me anything UGA or Titans or jewelry or a video camera or digital camera (for school), get the idea. LOL

I do know that he needs a new watch. It has to be one that is sturdy enough for work, but it also has to be nice enough to wear out. I've found some that I like. The Luminox watches are really nice and they look like they are pretty sturdy. I'll definitely have to look into getting him one of those.

UGA 45 Ol' Miss 17

Not a bad game. I'm sure we could have played better from what I've read, but hey my thoughts.........a win is a win. It was a pretty large margin as it should have been so I'm happy. I wasn't able to watch the game since it wasn't on tv and I may end up agreeing with my fellow UGA fan once I do watch the game, but for now.................GO DAWGS!! I'll be watching tomorrow night on CSS (can I just say that I love the replay on CSS?). I would watch today, but there is an NFL game of interest on at that time. LOL Since we no longer get the NFL Network on Comcast I can't go back and watch those (but that is another rant for another day). I just check out the schedule and I think that I may just have to watch the Auburn/Florida game later tonight. LOL

Some stats from yesterday's game.
1. Stafford 13 of 21 for 144 yards
2. Thomas Brown 16 carries for 180 yards (average 11.3)
3. Knowshon Moreno 14 carries for 90 yards (average 6.4)
4. Stafford threw to 7 different receivers.
5. 328 total yards on the ground.
6. 1 interception returned 13 yards (Brandon Miller)

Next week will be tough. We play the Vols in Knoxville. That's never an easy place to play especially with the band playing that nasty song every other minute. Have I ever told y'all that I absolutely HATE "Rocky Top"? I'll be watching and my phone will be turned off!

I need some jewelry.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that while I was in Florida at Christmas our apartment was broken into and they took all of my jewelry. I'm slowly starting to build the collection back up. Last weekend my mom gave me two pieces of fashion jewelry. They are really nice pieces. I bought a pretty piece on Friday that is actually used to hold my name tag at work. I am still missing my black pearl necklace, diamond pendant, and UGA earrings though. *sigh* There were quite a few pieces of fairly expensive jewelry taken in December and it breaks my heart. Most of them were worth more in sentimental value than actual value. Why do people do stuff like that? Do they think they deserve it? Can they not go out and work for what they have? I did and do. I hate a thief.

It was a great football Saturday for this football fan!

It was a day of upsets. Some very highly ranked teams went down to seemingly lesser teams. My favorite upset? Well, it was Auburn beating the hated Gators of course. LOL The score was 20-17 with a late field goal for Auburn. Sweet!! I didn't get to watch the game since Michael and I went out to celebrate my birthday. I know that I wrote earlier about how Auburn was struggling this season, but they definitely got up for this game. Good for them. It concerns me for our meeting in Athens on November 10. Mostly because in our meetings the visiting team seems to get the win. I have no idea why that is though. It's very frustrating. LOL

Some of the other major upsets on the day?

Colorado beats #3 Oklahoma
University of South FL beats #5 W. Virginia
Kansas State beats #7 Texas
Maryland beats #10 Rutgers
Georgia Tech beats #13 Clemson
Florida State beats #22 Alabama

Note that none of these winning teams are ranked in the top 25 and 4 of the top 10 teams went down yesterday. This makes this UGA fan very happy when my boys are ranked at 15. I'll be interested to see how far up we go this week.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I hate PMS.

I'm not one to get bitchy or least I don't think so. Honey? I do, however, get emotional (read teary), crampy, and bloated. I feel like crap. My clothes don't fit right during that week and that is never a good thing for a woman. I've heard that it is due to low progesterone. Whatever the cause, I wish it would just go away. *sigh*

Tomorrow is my birthday.

How old am I? I'm not telling. LOL I had a parent bring in cupcakes to celebrate and she told the kids I was 23. I'll stick to that. ;-)

Michael has to work tomorrow night, but he is off on Saturday. I've arranged a babysitter for Saturday night and we are thinking about going to dinner and the Vandy game. Should be fun regardless of what we do. We don't get a night out without the kids often.

Christmas is getting close!!

Do you realize how close Christmas really is? I really need to start my shopping. I probably should have started way back in June if you want to know the truth. My problem is finding good gifts for family. I do have a great christmas gift idea for the grandparents. I think they would really love it. Heck, I wouldn't mind having one myself. I have the perfect picture of Ari to use, but I need to search the pictures of Joshua to find the perfect one. I'll definitely be thinking about this one.

Why the heck do I watch this show?

Ugh! It tends to freak me out. I am watching CSI and of course I am at home alone. Well, with the kids, but they can't keep me from freaking out. LOL I don't know why I like this show so much. It is always so dark. I also watch CSI Miami. It isn't quite as dark though. The difference between Vegas and Miami perhaps? You know, Vegas being "Sin City" and all.

There have been episodes that I've had to turn off because they freaked me out. I'm thinking this one may make me cry. Then I will really be ticked off!! I think that's worse than freaking me out. LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Man I love me some Vince Gill!!

Just sayin'.

As you were.

I travel by car.

I really do travel an awful lot and it is always in the car. Not only do I travel, but I travel pretty long distances. I guess that's what happens when your entire family lives nine hours away. One thing that I have realized while driving is that I have a lead foot (I take after my momma in that respect). I desperately need a radar detector. I'm sure that my luck is going to run out pretty soon. I'm actually surprised I haven't been stopped yet. I've been checking out radar detector reviews to see if I can find a good one. Do you have one that works well that you recommend?

I am addicted to a webcam site.

Now get your mind out of the gutter. It is not one of those sites! LOL

I have been watching live video feeds from Africa. I have always wanted to go on a safari and watching these webcams is not helping at all! It is so cool to be able to watch wild animals in their natural habitat doing what they do. I've seen lions fighting off hyenas and elephants playing in the watering hole. I've even seen the typically elusive leopard. I've been researching prices for safaris too and they really aren't as expensive as I thought they would be. Granted the prices don't include airfare, but accommodations, food, and excursions are all included. The prices are around $350 per night per person. About the same as a nice cruise really. I'm a little afraid to look into airline prices to Africa though. LOL

You should go check out the webcams here. You may become addicted too and then you could go with me when I go on my safari...............whenever that may be. ;-)

Ever gotten a gift that embarassed you?

I was at a bridal shower today and the bride-to-be was getting some very nice gifts. We were all jealous of some of the items she was opening. I know I really wanted the fabulous floor lamp. Mine is old and rickety. LOL Anyway, she gets to this one really pretty gift bag. There isn't a name on it. When she opened it her face turned 3 shades of red. Some anonymous person got her a crotchless panty (warning.....the link goes to a sexy lingerie site and may not be appropriate for certain locations or people). I think we were all a little shocked and a little embarrassed. Not that there is anything wrong with crotchless panties, but this was not a lingerie party. It was a bridal shower with quite a few older women there. You know the type..........................the ones who don't talk about sex. The ones that get all flustered when the subject even comes up. I think that is where most of the embarrassment came from for most of us. LOL It probably wouldn't have been an issue at all if it were a bunch of younger women. Our conversations tend to lean in that direction anyway. ;-)

We never did find out who got them for her. No one would fess up and no it wasn't me. LOL

Mr. Monday Night

Okay so I know that I am taking entirely too long to blog about my favorite football teams this week. I'll try to do better next week. ;-)

Anyway, how 'bout that Keith Bullock? Mr. Monday Night no doubt. He had 3 interceptions. What fun to watch. He also had 4 tackles. Not a bad night, huh? LOL

We had 4 interceptions on the night with one going all the way back for a touchdown. VY spread the ball around pretty well. He threw to 7 different receivers for 164 yards. His passing yards may not look all that great, but I'm happy with it. It means that the running game is working for us at the moment.

I do love to watch VY play. Unlike a couple other mobile QBs he doesn't run at the first sign of trouble. He gives his receivers a little time to get open and lets the play develop. He scans the field and if there isn't a play or his protection starts to break down then he takes off. He's still scanning the field until he reaches the line of scrimmage. If there is a pass play to be found he will go for that. I like that. He understands that this is a team sport and he can't do it on his own. I've heard several announcers say that he wants to be a quarterback first and a runner last. You definitely see that on the field. He is going to be one of the great ones and I am so looking forward to watching him for years to come.

Oh yeah, if you didn't already know.................Titans win 31-14. ;-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You know what I want to know?

I think it would be very interesting to find out if people would be at all interested in a drive-thru market or something like that in Nashville. I have been thinking about this a lot. I hate to go to the grocery store for a couple little things and drag the kids with me. It just seems to be a lot of work. I would love to have something where I could just drive up and someone would bring me what I needed to my car. No getting out and getting the kids out. Wouldn't this be especially nice on a rainy day? I've only ever seen one drive-thru market. It was in Nashville, GA. It used to be a carwash, but someone turned it into a convenience store. It was pretty cool. Maybe someone with money will read this and conduct some sort of market research to see if the people of Nashville would frequent something like that. Would you?

So..........did you watch that game?

I'm talking about the UGA/Bama game. I was watching on a big screen plasma t.v. at my cousin's wedding after party. It was great. I had a boat load of people watching with me who love the game and the team as much as I do. I haven't had that in a very long time. I miss that feeling. LOL

I have to say though that I absolutely HATE games like that. I'd rather win or lose by much more and overtime not be an issue. They are way too stressful for me. I was a complete freak AND I was a little on the tipsy side so my usual football language was worse than usual. LOL I almost busted my cell phone on the floor when we missed the field goal at the end of regulation. I was not a happy camper! The groom had just jinxed the heck out of us when he said that we had this one since Coutu was kicking. I thought I was going to strangle him!! He should know better than to say something like that during a game!!! Needless to say Coutu missed the field goal. Overtime here we come. UGH!!! I hate overtime when it is my team! Luckily we came out on the winning end of this one. Am I surprised we won the game? Yeah, just a little. I went in with not too much confidence. We hadn't been playing all that well and Bama was kicking ass. Didn't help my confidence much at all. I do like nice surprises though. ;-) That touchdown pass to Mikey Henderson was absolutely fabulous! I had to watch it on replay though. I was on my knees covering my head with my hands. Typical pose for me in close games by the way. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have a pillow to help cover the frustrated screams. LOL

Here are some of the stats from the game:
1. Stafford 19 of 35 for 224 yards.
2. Moreno 17 rushes for 76 yards.....average 4.3 with 1 TD.
3. 377 total yards.
4. We were 1 for 1 on 4th down.

It was a great game and I can enjoy it now, but let's hope that we don't play anymore that close again. I'd just rather win convincingly in regulation thankyouverymuch!

Only 9 more days!!

My best friends and I have an annual girls' weekend. Usually the first or second weekend in October we rent a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. We get there on Friday, go shopping for our food and drink, go to the cabin, get in out lounging clothes, and do not leave the cabin until Sunday afternoon when we go to the downtown (ha) area for a little shopping and some great ice cream. We then go back to cabin and back into our lounging clothes. We get up on Monday, clean up and go home..............and immediately start counting down for the next year.

Now, these cabins we rent are absolutely gorgeous. They usually have 3-4 bedrooms. They are decorated in a very rustic style which means everything is wood.........all the way down to the wood blinds.

It usually rains and is cold which suits us just fine. We build a fire or light the gas logs in the fireplace and make chili. We also watch the UGA/Vols game on Saturday night.

It doesn't get any better. *sigh* I can't wait!!

It's Tuesday already?

Wow, this week is really going by fast. LOL I haven't even blogged about my Dawgs great win over Bama. Bad fan/blogger. That will be another post though. This one is dedicated to my beautiful cousin and her wedding. I had a wonderful child free weekend with my extended family. I left after school on Friday and drove to Commerce (close to Athens........*sigh*) GA. On Saturday my cousin (actually 2nd cousin) got married. The ceremony was held at an old grits mill back in the the middle of nowhere! It was beautiful. The wedding party was standing out on this huge rock over the water and the water wheel was in front of them. I'm sure it made for some great pictures. I can't wait to see them. I, of course, forgot my camera so I am patiently (or not so much) waiting for another cousin to email the ones she took. She is supposed to do that tonight. We had an after party out at the barn at my cousin's house. Talk about UGA fans...........the hooked up the satellite and brought out the big screen plasma for the game. It was great!! I drank a little too much and had a blast watching the game with so many who love it the way I do. I miss that.

The bride was absolutely she usually is. I had to laugh though. She reminds me so much of her mom. She was asked if she was going to wear any makeup for the wedding. She rolled her eyes and said that she was wearing a little bit. She never wears makeup. I remember being at her mom's wedding and someone having that same conversation. Well, actually I think they had to bribe her to wear it. LOL They are now on a cruise and I am so jealous! I'd love to be on a cruise right now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need a drink.

Last week was a pretty rough week with the accident along with everything else. I need a drink. Unfortunately there is nothing along the lines of an adult beverage in the house. Okay, so that isn't entirely true. Michael has beer in the refrigerator, but I don't drink beer. I would much prefer a nice glass of wine. The problem with this is that we seldom have wine in the house. Maybe we need one of those very cool wine coolers so we can always have it stocked for emergencies. Then again, maybe that isn't such a good idea. LOL I've had too many nights recently where I thought I needed a good stiff drink. It could get to be a habit. LOL

Sunday, September 16, 2007

She loves being a princess

I'm a tomboy..........still...........and I have no idea what to do with a girly girl. LOL *sigh*

Well, that sucked

Actually that's not entirely true. It sucks that we lost, but we played the Colts close and we never let the game get away from us. Losing by 2 to the Colts is not that horrible. Plus, we had a chance in the end. I kinda think they should have let Bironas try it right there at the end. You never know. LOL I think we would have had a better chance of that than getting that first down.

It's not a win, but it shows a vast improvement in our team and that we can play with the best and hold our own. Nothing to be embarrassed about in that.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It just gets better and better!

Kentucky just scored a touchdown with 28 seconds left to go ahead of Louisville 40-34!

Louisville is ranked #9 and the Wildcats are unranked by the way. ;-) Go SEC!!!

Damn, I'm enjoying me some football tonight!

Holy Cow!

I don't want to play Alabama next week! They are kicking butt right now! They are playing #16 (Arkansas) and right now it is 31-10. Another game that I didn't expect to go the way it is going. This is really going to be a crazy year in the SEC.

Damn! What a turn around in the second half. The score is now tied! 31-31.

HOLY COW!!!! 8 seconds left and Alabama just went ahead 41-38! This has been a great game! I love games like this as long as my team isn't involved!

Wow what a game! I'm all tense and have no love for either team.

I love this game!!!

The Vols are getting eaten alive down in The Swamp.

Just sayin'. Not entirely happy about it, but not upset by it either. Not looking forward to playing the Gators myself. After the showing so far of LSU and Florida I'm thinking they need to be #1 and #2. Who the heck has USC played? Why are the forever #1? They never play anyone really, but the powers that be are determined to always put them at #1. Whatever. I know the SEC is the best conference. I know a lot of people who agree with me on that one! ;-)

UGA 45 Western Carolina 16

This was to be expected. It was a good game for us. We needed a big win after last week. I wish I could have watched though. It was only on pay-per-view. I kinda watched on's Game Trax. It was okay. They updated pretty quickly and I didn't have to keep hitting the refresh button.

Here are some stats from the game:
1. Stafford was 14/20 for 174 yards and 2 TDs. Cox came in and was 3/6 for 48 yards and 1 TD.
2. Moreno had 13 carries for 94 yards....average of 7.2 (guys, this kid is going to be fun to watch for the next few years! I can't wait!) Brown had 10 carries for 42 yards....average 4.2 (not bad averages for our top 2 running backs)
3. Goodman had 2 catches for 51 yards and Massaquoi was right behind him with 3 catches for 47 yards.
4. We played 5 different running backs (not including Stafford) and had roughly 157 yards rushing.
5. Stafford spread the ball around in the air too. He threw to 10 different receivers.

It is good to see these stats even though it was against a team we were expected to beat.

Next up...............Alabama. I have no hard feelings towards the Tide. No major hatred (they aren't orange after all). I'll not be happy if we don't beat them, but I won't be completely ticked off. Okay so maybe I will be completely ticked off, but not because I hate them. LOL I'll be at my cousin's wedding for this game. Luckily they are getting married early in the day and we will be out in time for the game (her hubby to be is a huge UGA fan too..........we'll get along just fine). I'll have to update when I get home on Sunday.

Auburn seems to be really struggling this year.

I'm watching the Auburn/Miss. State game right now and the score is 13-0 Miss. State. Very unexpected. I'm not sure what is going on with the Tigers, but it really doesn't hurt my feelings. LOL I'm just left shaking my head. It's very unusual for Auburn to struggle this much. Especially with how they've been playing in recent years. We'll have to see how this plays out this year.

Well, I thought they were getting it together. They scored 14 points pretty easily and went ahead. I thought they would pull it out. I had to leave the house to run an errand and when I returned they had Miss. State 19-14. Who would have thought?

I'm now watching the Vols and the Gators. I always struggle with this game. I hate both teams with all that is in me yet one of them has to win. Which one do I want to win this year? Honestly? Neither. *sigh* I've been looking for ways most of my life for both teams to lose this game. So far no luck. Who is the lesser of two evils? There is no lesser. They are both equally evil in my book. That being said, I may have to go with the Gators (shudder.........shudder...........shudder). I live in Tennessee and I'm not sure I could live with the fans if they beat the Gators this year. I know I couldn't handle hearing "Rocky Top" any more than I already hear it. (Blech!)

Friday, September 14, 2007

I need a drink!

My back hurts so bad right now. I've been popping pain medication most of the day. Okay so all day! LOL It's not helping much though. I wonder if a nice happy adult beverage would help? Maybe a little bit of wine? I'm don't drink beer and I'm afraid that anything harder than wine would be too much for me tonight. Problem is, we have no wine in the house. Maybe we need to buy some of those cool wine coolers for the house. That way we would always have some in case of emergencies. That would be a good thing!

"Momma!! I want that!!"

I've just started hearing these words. For every single toy commercial that comes on t.v. It doesn't matter what it is or if it is for a girl or a boy. He wants it. And, if I don't answer him when he says it he will repeat it at a louder volume until I respond. OMG!! Am I going to have to hear this from now until he is 18?

Oh please! (rolling my eyes here)

How many times is he going to try to come back? It seems that once again Ricky Williams wants to be reinstated into the NFL. Anybody else rolling their eyes? If he does get reinstated, who is going to want him? I certainly wouldn't, but who am I? LOL There are a couple other players in the league that I wouldn't want on my team either, but those in charge don't feel the same way. *sigh*

Dog hair! Ugh!!

I was just looking around in my car today and I have Georgia's hair all over the place. It is disgusting. I need to vacuum it so much more than I actually do. I just hate to go off somewhere and do it. It would be so much easier if I could do it at home. I think I would do it much more often if I had a car vacuum at home. I'm kinda lazy in that I don't like to go far from home if I don't have to. LOL

Man oh man!!

I am hurting so bad right now. I'm not sure if it is from sleeping wrong or from the accident earlier this week. I was sore the day after the accident, but nothing compared to what I'm feeling right now. The pain is between my shoulder blades and radiates up the back of my neck. I'm thinking that if it still hurts like this tomorrow I am heading off to the doctor. I hate this! *sigh*

Is it winter yet?

I am so ready for cooler weather. Even cold weather. It has been a horribly hot summer and it is just now starting to cool off. This weekend we get high temperatures in the 70s. I'm loving it. I'm ready for some cold weather though. Maybe we can find the time and the money to take a winter trip to Colorado or somewhere and learn to ski. It's pretty sad that I've never been snow skiing in my life. It's not like there aren't places close that I couldn't have visited while in college. While I've done some amazingly fun things in my life, I've also missed out on even more. I will definitely have to plan a trip sometime soon to help remedy that situation.

The Christy Sports site is a great place to find everything you would need for a ski trip. They have it all. They have rossignol skis and snowboards. You can get the bindings, boots, and bag all in one place. It's pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If it's not one thing it's another!

Just got off the phone with Michael and someone has stolen the license plate off his car. The whole damn thing!! I hate a thief!

Six years ago today.

I wasn't going to write anything about today's anniversary, I just couldn't let it pass without some kind of acknowledgement. September 11, 2001 was the most devastating day in US history. For me. It was the first time I had ever been really really afraid and felt unsafe. It is still a difficult day for me. While it is not a emotionally devastating I always feel a little "off" on this day. I do find myself more introspective though. It reminds me of what is important in life. All the little things go back to being little. Family and friends come back into the forefront.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones on that horrible day. While most of our lives when back to normal (or close) their lives were forever changed.

This ticks me off!

I cannot believe (okay, maybe I can, but just don't want to) that the Patriots were cheating! They were video taping defensive signals by the Jets. WTF?! They are supposed to be one of the elite teams in the NFL. Well now I don't think so. Makes me ask how long have they been doing this? How many teams have they spied on? I know it isn't the first time they have been accused of it.

The NFL is also looking into the number of radio frequencies they used during the game. So there is a possibility that they were not only taping the signals, but listening in on the Jets too? That is crazy! It defiles the integrity of the game. It pisses me off! I love this game and to think that a team is blatantly cheating just................well pisses me off!

Commissioner Roger Goodell is talking about serious sanctions. What is being mentioned is taking away several draft picks. That isn't severe enough if you ask me. How about forfeiting their win on Sunday?

I do realize that the possibility exists that they are not the only ones doing it and that really bothers me. I hope that they are the only ones. I'd like to believe in the sport I love and the men who play and coach it.

How much would I love this?!

It's been reported that David Greene (you know, former UGA quarterback and winningest college football QB) is scheduled to work out for the Titans. Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely love VY, but I'd love to have Greene as a backup. He is good. Very good. His agent is saying he is certain to be on someone's practice squad. I don't think that his horrible. Heck, get in the program and learn the system. Get better and move on up. I'm not sure why he didn't make it in Seattle. Maybe he didn't get enough of an opportunity to show what he could do. He played very little in any preseason and not one snap in the regular season. Wherever he goes I hope someone gives him an opportunity. He is too good to not be playing somewhere in the NFL.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I need to go to bed!!!

But, I don't want to go to bed. There is another football game one tonight. I don't think I am going to like this doubleheader thing. I've heard that it's going to happen all year. Is that true? I guess I could stop being lazy and look it up. LOL I don't want a doubleheader on Monday nights. I can barely stay up and watch the first one. *sigh*

Got rear ended tonight

Trying to do a good deed and donate some stuff to Goodwill. We were coming home on Bell Rd., stopped at the 4 way stop just past Murfreesboro Rd when we got hit. There were actually 3 cars involved. The guy behind me got it on both ends. He was hit and he hit me. Luckily no one was hurt. None of our cars had any visible damage either. We moved the cars off of Bell Rd to keep traffic going and I heard/felt a scrubbing in the rear, but when I drove home I didn't hear or feel anything out of the ordinary.

I'm starting to feel a little stiff. My head hurts and my shoulders, but I'm not sure if it is from just being so tense/stressed or from the accident. I have to keep an eye on the kids too. I know we will probably all be stiff tomorrow so I think I'll give the kids some Tylenol or something and then take some myself before going to bed.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Well that was fun!

Titans 13
Jags 10

Where the heck did the running game come from? I'm impressed. Supposedly the Jags have a great run defense, but we were racking up the yards on the ground all day. We had a hard time getting in the end zone though. Chris Brown alone had 175 rushing yards (he is leading the league in rushing at this time.......closest is Travis Henry--Denver-- with 134)! We had 282 rushing yards as a team. Wow! How often do you see that happen? On the opposite side, we held the Jags to 72 rushing yards. All their rushing yards came in the second half too. Weren't we ranked dead last in rushing defense last year? Again, wow! We held Jones-Drew to only 32 yards. He was scary good last year. I was worried about going against him this year. We had a good showing! I just hope that we can keep it up.

It wasn't all good though. We had a tough time getting in the end zone. If I remember correctly we should have had at least 3 more touchdowns than we did. We were inside the 10 and had to settle for field goals and one time we came away with no points because we missed a 4th and goal.

I'm very happy with the outcome of the game. It made my weekend a little better.

I'm hoping for a better football day today.

Last night sucked.

Today my Titans play the Jags. I'm hoping they play better than my Dawgs did. I'm not overly confident in this game either. Last year we played horribly against the Jags. It was pretty ugly. Most of my FL family are Jacksonville fans so it would be a bad thing to lose to them again. LOL While I don't rub in football losses, they don't always exhibit that same courtesy.

Wish us luck today.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Well, I am enjoying one game today!

I'm watching the Auburn/South Florida game and boy is it entertaining. It's going to be a toss up as to who wins. Actually USF should be ahead. Their kicker has missed 4 field goals and the score right now is 20-17. USF has first and goal though with just over 2 minutes to play. I'd hate to be an Auburn or USF fan right now. Been there just tonight.

They are going to overtime.

WOW!!! USF wins! Another ranked team upset today. Looks like it's going to be one of those years.

Looking pretty ugly.

This damn game! Why do I watch football? It just pisses me off most days. Our offense can't do much and our defense is getting tired already. South Carolina's defense is all over the place. (Note: I do not credit Spurrier for the defense!)

He's a freshman, right? Knowshon Moreno is fun to watch!!! Wow!

I hate this game! I hate this game! I hate this game!


(Sorry mom.)


I've been shaky all day. I thought it was b/c I hadn't eaten anything, but I've eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner since then and I am still shaky. It feels really weird. I'm not sure what is causing it. I feel fine otherwise.

Dammit! They did it again!

ESPN2 let the UGA game start and they stuck with the previous game. This time it wasn't even a close game. At least this time I didn't miss a score. They actually did cut to the UGA game before the other game was over, but it was still 5 minutes into my game.

I want a pair of knee high black boots

Something like this.

The problem is that I have pretty big calves and finding a boot that fits is very difficult. I've been looking for a couple years now. I really want a pair though. Anyone out there with big calves found a pair? Where? Were they outrageously expensive?

There's not crap on for football right now.

Okay so maybe I should rephrase that. There's not a game one that I give one flying flip about right now. Which is to say that there is no SEC football on right now. LOL I did watch the Vandy/Bama game earlier. Didn't like the outcome of that one. Now all I have to choose from is Oregon/Michigan (overrated.............oh wait.........they lost to Appalachian State last week...........they are not overrated anymore..........hee hee!), Chattanooga/Jacksonville State, Fresno State/Texas A&M, or NC State/Boston College. I care nothing for any of these teams. I've chosen to watch Oregon/Michigan. Right now Michigan is losing 18-7.

I'm stuck with this game until my Dawgs start at 4:45. We are playing South Carolina with the much hated Steve Spurrier coaching. I'm not very confident about this game. I have to see my boys play a little more and against an SEC opponent before I can feel really good about them.

I'll keep you posted on my game..........unless of course they piss me off enough and then it may be better if I stay away from blogging for a day or two. LOL

UPDATE ON THE OREGON/MICHIGAN GAME: Oregon 32 Michigan 7 Little over 2 minutes left in the first half.

Oregon 39 Michigan 7 Final

Maybe I changed my mind

You know, about the jewelry for my birthday. I have wanted a mother's ring for a long time now. My mom had one and it was always one of my favorite pieces of her jewelry. I want one with both my own kids and the 17 year old's birthstones. It would have to be one that could be added to just in case we had another baby though.

Peer pressure. What are your thoughts?

I had a conversation with my mom today about peer pressure. You hear all the time from teens that, "my friends do it" or "I did it because my friends made me." It always comes across as an excuse to me. I, personally, do not believe in peer pressure.

When I was in high school I had friends who did everything from smoke pot to snort coke. I had every opportunity to do any number of things "because my friends made me." But, I never did. I went through my teenage years with the attitude that my friends could do whatever they wanted, but I was making my own decisions. If they didn't like me because I didn't do the things they did then they were not worth being my friend. I wasn't by any means a goody goody. I drank, skipped school, snuck out of the house, and missed my curfew, but I did those things because I wanted to, not because my friends wanted me to do them. I just had no desire to do any illegal drug so I didn't. None of my friends held it against me. They offered..........I went on as usual.

I once thought I got away with not succumbing to peer pressure because I had such a high self confidence. Looking back that really isn't the case. I was not at all confident. Heck I don't think I had an actual date until after I graduated. LOL I just knew that I didn't want to do some of the things my friends did. I guess I had just enough confidence in myself to thumb my nose at peer pressure or maybe I was just able to pick my friends well and they didn't exert that pressure. Who knows? I just hope that I am able to instill in my kids the self confidence to make their own decisions and not succumb to peer pressure or I hope that they are able to pick friends who do not care to exert that kind of pressure.

I have a birthday coming up.

What do I want for my birthday you ask? Hmmm, let me think for a minute. Usually my standard response to that question is jewelry, but I think it is something different this year. Bon Jovi is starting their next tour soon and I really really want to go and with fan club tickets as close to the stage as possible. Those tickets are going to cost me a little more than my usual tickets. All that being said, I think I want money to put into my "Jovi Fund." I have a friend (hey Lisa) who is going to try to come down for the concert and I am going to try to go to her city when they are there. I'm going to need extra money for that. LOL

This could be helpful.

I just read where Congress has passed legislation that greatly impacts student loan recipients. That would be me. ;-)

"The legislation, hammered out in a House-Senate conference committee this week, alters many of the ground rules for financing higher education, offering forgiveness on student loans to graduates who work for 10 years or more in public service professions like teaching, firefighting and the police, and limiting monthly payments on federally backed loans to 15 percent of the borrower’s discretionary income...." more

I am a teacher. This could really be beneficial to us. I have student loans that are pushing $50,000. (I have 2 degrees). I have been teaching for 6 years. Granted, I can't get the loan forgiveness for 4 more years, but in the mean time I can get my payments reduced. This really is huge for me. I hope that President Bush will sign it now. It may be one of the only good things he does while in office. LOL

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wow! I'm impressed.

About a minute left in the 1st half and MTSU (another alma mater) has 35 points. Louisville has 38. Gonna be a high scoring game. GO BLUE RAIDERS!!

I'll have to keep flipping back and forth to keep a check on them. LOL

NFL kicks off regular season tonight

WOOHOO! I love football!!! Bet you didn't know that about me! ;-)

Tonight it's Colts and Saints. Have to say that I'm pulling for the Saints in this one. NOT a Colts fan and not just because a former UT QB is their QB. Although that does play a part. LOL

I have to say, though that I don't like Thursday night games. Believe it or not I do watch other things on t.v. Thursday nights one of my favorite shows comes on. Well, actually two. I love CSI and Men In Trees. When the new season starts I'm going to have a hard time. I'll be flipping back and forth a lot. *sigh*

How freakin' cool is this?

I was over at Sassy's place and she linked to one of her favorite sites. I'm addicted already! I've always wanted to go on an African safari and this just increases that desire. You can view live cams and view previously recorded videos of animals in the wild. It is so cool. There isn't much going on right now on the live cam. Looks like a watering hole. I bet it gets pretty busy around dawn and dusk though. I'll definitely be checking back.

Go here to check it out.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Better late than never

Sorry this is so late, but I was in Florida over the weekend with no computer and when I got home last night I was too exhausted to even think about writing this post. LOL

As I'm sure you are well aware, my Dawgs played on Saturday. I've been a little nervous (still am really) about this season. I went into Saturday's game against Oklahoma State with my fingers crossed. This was not a "cake walk" game. It was supposed to be a winable game, but not a patsy by any means. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. My beloved Dawgs showed up and played a damn good game. There were several question marks (WR, OL, DE etc.) all through the summer and recent practice. Our offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo, called a great game. He called plays that took the pressure off of our young offensive line. They were quick plays and the O line stepped up. I think that gave them some confidence and they will only get better from here. Our wide receivers did well too. They were catching hell all summer for NOT catching the ball. We had a lot of dropped balls last season and it looked like we were going to get the same thing this year. They stepped up too. I think there may have been just one notable dropped pass on Saturday. Not bad if you ask me. I hope they can keep it up. I was so frustrated with them last year. LOL Oh and I can't forget to mention our running backs! They did an awesome job. Knowshon Moreno and Thomas Brown being the two top rushers averaging 3.5 and 4 yards per carry. Not bad at all.

Some stats of interest:
1. 164 rushing yards
2. 234 passing yards
3. 18 first downs (7 of 15 on 3rd down)
4. 1 interception returned for 41 yards.
5. We were 5 of 6 in red zone scoring.
6. Stafford was 18 of 24 passing.

I'm not saying that we are awesome and going to go undefeated this year. I'm a huge fan, but I'm also a very realistic fan. I think we have a chance at taking the SEC and I'm really hoping for it, but a lot rides on UT and the hated Gators. Those are must win games for us. BTW, I'm still trying to find a way for both teams to lose when they play each other. *sigh*

Up next? The Ol' Ball Coach (rolling my eyes here..............definitely no love for Spurrier in this blog) is coming to town. South Carolina will be a bigger test for us. SEC opponents are always tough. Even Vandy. No joke! They always seem to play us well and have been known to beat us, but I don't like to think about that. LOL No smart ass comments from UT fans either. I seem to remember a recent loss to them for y'all too. :-P

Oh, one more thing. Can I just say that ESPN2 totally ticked me off!! The game before us went over and instead of leaving that "nothing" (no offense to those teams....can't even remember who was playing) game and giving us highlights of it they opted to finish that game and highlight the UGA game. We missed the first 2 (if I remember correctly) scores. I was NOT a happy camper. I hope they make a better choice (see the teacher coming out in me? LOL) next week.

Oh......another thing! Yes, this post will eventually end. LOL

Congratulations to Appalachian State on their win over Michigan (overrated team and conference, but I'm not bitter.)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Back from the family reunion.

I had a great time, but I am completely exhausted. We left at midnight Friday night and I drove the entire way (10+hours). I was up a total of 22.5 hours before I got to go to bed. That was Saturday. On Sunday was the actual reunion. It was a lot of fun. I love seeing my family. Some of them I only get to see once a year. I decided that Sunday was my day to drink................and I did. LOL Around 10pm things were breaking up and a group of my cousins and I decided to go to the bar. We closed it down around 2am. I knew there was no way I could go to bed without getting sick so I made a couple of my cousins stay up with me and talk. We talked until around 4am and then at 7:30ish they are knocking on my door saying it is time to say goodbye. I had to get up and get packed to leave too so that was 3.5 hours of sleep with a 10+ hour drive home AND a hang over!! NOT a good thing!! I'm exhausted AND grumpy.

Oh and it was a great football weekend! My Dawgs won and looked pretty good doing it. I still have my concerns about the season, but they played better than I expected on Saturday. I'm not real confident about the entire season though. We'll see how we do next week against an SEC opponent. And to top off my elation over the Dawgs winning................................the Vols lost!! Hee hee!! ;-) I love to see them lose. LOL