Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cake Thief!!

Caught in the act!!
At least it was worth it!!
It was so good that he came back with a fork! LOL

Ari is 1!!! (Well, not officially until Jan. 31, but we celebrated early.)

My dainty little girl doesn't want to get messy! LOL

The dainty little girl didn't last long! Daddy got a great action shot. I just wish you could hear the laughter that went along with this picture. She was having way too much fun!

She really enjoyed her cake. She was smiling and laughing the whole time. I didn't get chocolate like I did with Joshua, but the vanilla was just as fun and messy.

Clean up time. I can't tell if she was happy about getting clean or not.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Chit Chat

Michael commented that I hadn't updated my blog in awhile. My response was that nothing really exciting or interesting happened to me this week. He says that one never knows how interesting things can be to someone else. So, prepare yourself for my "exciting" week!

Ari refused to eat much this week. She wouldn't drink much milk. I'm guessing she wasn't feeling up to par. Yesterday and today she finally decided that she was hungry.........thankfully. Still only 2 teeth. Her top gums are swollen and apparently sore if her crankiness is any indication.
Joshua is his typical 2 year old self. Happy and funloving one minute, cranky and whiny the next. Somebody please save me from moody 2 year olds. He is having a great time at school. He loves Ms. Michelle. He loves his friends. He talks about Abby and Hayden a lot when we get home. Oh, I think I have ruined him. When we are in the car and I have the new Bon Jovi CD in he sings along and tells me to "turn on the music Momma." It's really cute!
We had our 100th day this week. It was pretty fun. We all changed classes and each did a project with the kids. They really enjoyed it. I had several kids out sick this week. We have a nasty bug going around. Unfortunately, I had to send 2 boys to the principal's office this week. One was threatening others and one threw a girl's shoe into a mud puddle while we were on the playground in 40 degree weather. I have no idea what either of them were thinking.
I think I had a touch of the nasty bug going around. Luckily I'm feeling much better now. It just disappeared yesterday at 9am. Weird. I thought I broke my toe. I ran into my rolling cart about 5 minutes after thinking to myself that I had better move it or Michael may trip over it when he gets home. Leave it to me. Turns out that it's only bruised. It is feeling much better too.
I've decided that trying to lose weight is going to be the death of me. Why can't someone just invent a magic pill? You would think with today's technology that it wouldn't be that hard. I was doing great and had lost 5 lbs, but for some reason this week I feel like I went backwards. I haven't stepped on the scale yet to test it though.
One exciting thing did happen this week, at least for us. We bought a new laptop computer with a wireless router. Now I can surf the web while sitting in the living room watching tv or upstairs in our room if it gets too cold downstairs. I'm loving it. Now I haven't decided if this is a good thing or not. It just gives me further access to my obsession.
Now that you are bored to tears with my life you can leave a comment to make me feel better. LOL

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brotherly Love

Is there any wonder that Joshua loves his big brother?

The love of my life and my precious girl!

While Momma and Joshua go off to work hard at school, Daddy and Ari stay home and practice their flying routine!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ari's hair cut.

This is before. It was so long and always in her eyes. I hated getting it cut, but as you can see it really needed it.

This is after. It really did turn out cute. I didn't like it at first. It made her look like a completely different child. It has grown on me since though.

She did really well. I thought she would be afraid of the stylist, but she wasn't. She was just curious about what was happening. She kept trying to watch the stylist's hands as she would go up to cut. She kept tilting her head up so she could see. That didn't make it very easy for her to cut it, but at least Ari wasn't screaming.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Some of my favorite shots from Amelia Island

This lighthouse is actually a vacation rental home.

This shot is downtown on the docks.

It was really nice of this pelican to stretch just in time for the photo op.

I believe this was taken down at American Beach.

Michael really is a good photographer. I love the pictures he takes. I'm loving the new digital camera with a bigger zoom too!

Joshua and Ari

Poor thing looks like he could use a friend!

Ari looking "so cute" in her spiffy outfit she got from her Namma!

Are you sure this is MY dog?

Out beside the laundry room at my aunt's house there is a huge mud hole where the washing machine drains. Georgia found it.
Is this a happy dog or what? She really enjoyed playing in this mud hole. She didn't enjoy the bath quite so much though. She tries to hide if you mention Georgia and bath in the same sentence. Smart dog.
Yep, that is really my beautiful Georgia Girl. No longer white.
Here she is looking like the tough bulldog that she is not!

So it begins...............again.

School started back this week. We had a day to work in our rooms, thankfully, and a day of inservice meetings. The kids came back on Thursday. They were surprisingly well behaved. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It seems like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We all were able to share our treasures. I really enjoyed hearing them talk about what they got from Santa and seeing the sparkle in their eyes. I hate to see that sparkle disappear when they stop believing. It's really sad.

It's been a tiring week having to get up at 5am again and I am so glad that today is Friday. Hopefully, Joshua and Ari will sleep in tomorrow or Michael will get up with them. At least I didn't have to get them up this week to go to school. Michael was off and kept them and when he went back to work Christian kept them until I got home. Saved my sanity not having to deal with them in the mornings and saved us money on daycare.

I think I am going to take Ari for a haircut in the morning. The front goes down past her nose and nothing will stay in it to keep it out of her eyes so I guess it's time. I really hate to cut it, but it drives me nuts seeing it in her eyes all the time. I'll definitely post before, during, and after pics. She doesn't like strangers much so it should be interesting. Wish us luck!