Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well hell!

Not only was the sell of our house postponed, but now it has been cancelled. The couple buying our house are now separating and can no longer buy it. Geez people. You would think that if someone was having marital problems they wouldn't be trying to buy a house. Right? They have to have been having these problems before they put an offer on our house. I mean really, it's only been under contract for a month. This is getting to the point of ridiculous. Don't they have to pay a penalty for breaking the contract? What happens to the earnest money? I guess that is something I need to talk to my realtor about.

I have decided that I am going to look at the positives here.

1. We have more time to find the "perfect" house.
2. I am home to keep the house presentable since we are out of school for the summer.
3. We learned a few things about offers, counter offers, and closing costs. (This could help us make a little more money on the sell.)

This is going to be a good thing for us. Please remind me I said this when I am stressing out later! LOL

Monday, May 29, 2006


Anyone hearing crickets around here? I swear that there is nothing going on in my life at the moment. Not really. Friday was the last day of school for the kids. I still have tomorrow and Wednesday then I am out for the summer! WOOHOO!!! Mom came to visit this weekend. She was coming to help me pack for the move, but alas we are not moving at the end of this month. That has been postponed until the end of June. Ugh!! So, we didn't do much. She went to check out a few houses with me. I have a very short list that I need to get to my realtor so we can go look at them tomorrow. I'm so over this whole house hunting thing. I'm tired and frustrated. I just want a place to live so my kids can play outside. That is my main consideration at this point. They love to be outside and where we are now the yard is horrible in back because we can't grow grass and the front slopes to the road too much for me to be comfortable with them playing out there. Please keep your fingers crossed that we can find a place soon.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Am I ready for this?

OMG!! We got an offer on our house this morning and we accepted. It is now under contract to be closed on May 31!! Umm, we haven't found a house for us yet!!!! We have less than a month to find a place to live! I don't want to be homeless!!! I did find a house that I absolutely loved yesterday, but unfortunately there is a contract on it. Is it horrible of me to wish that the contract falls through so we can get it? I really really LOVE that house!!!

Wish us luck on finding a house soon.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Geez, sometimes people amaze me.

As you all know we have put our house on the market. We have been kicked out of our house almost daily. This evening I got a call from the scheduling people asking if someone can come by and look at the house between 8-9pm. Um, no. That is awful late to be viewing a house especially when you have 2 kids who have to get up rather early to go to school the next morning. Come on people, think just a little.