Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Can't wait for July 7!!

No, it's not because we leave for Florida that day. That is the day that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest comes out!! I am so excited!!! I watched Curse of the Black Pearl again last night. Most people think I'm nuts, but Johnny Depp as a pirate is just sexy as hell for me. I have to admit though that Orlando Bloom is giving him a rum, I mean run, for his money! I really have a thing for pirates! LOL I think I've read too many romance novels involving pirates!! Thanks to Johanna Lindsey!! She has a great series about the Mallorys and I just read the latest installment last night. Yes, I read it all in one night. I'm kinda, um.................obsessive like that! LOL

Anyway, I can't wait until the new Pirates movie comes out. I will definitely be there!!

I'm in 2 year old hell!!

The terrible twos have kicked in full force just in time for him to turn three!! What is up with that? He should be getting out of the terrible twos, right? I mean, he is turning 3 on Friday. Maybe it's just because I am home all day since school is out and he is bored because he doesn't have all his friends from daycare to play with, but he is driving me nuts. He doesn't get his way........he cries/screams/whines. He takes every since toy his sister is playing with away from her. He protests naps and bedtime with the same crying/screaming/whining. His sister even thinks about touching a toy or sippy cup he deems is "his" and he screams. He doesn't listen when we tell him something. He screams "NO!!" to us. We've done time out on the stairs and in his room and yes we have even spanked him. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any ideas on how to survive this stage or how to change the behavior? I'm at a loss and about to pull my hair out!

Has it really been a week?

Wow, I can't believe it's really been a week since I last posted. I guess that means that there isn't much going on in my life at the moment.

Actually, that isn't true. We close on our house on Friday which means we are packing up the house and the kids and moving. I've been pretty busy trying to get things packed up around here. I hate moving. I think I hate the packing and unpacking the most. Well, I guess I hate the moving of all our stuff too. LOL Heck, I just hate the whole process. I swear I was the one who said that the next time we moved we were hiring movers to come pack, move, and unpack! Um, that didn't happen. I probably won't update for another week or so since I have so much work to do. I do, however, take breaks to play on the computer! I'll be checking in with everyone.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joshua's first movie!

I took Joshua to see is first movie yesterday. We went to see Cars. He seemed to really enjoy it. He was really well behaved throughout the movie even though there were times when he wanted to leave. Luckily, something on the screen always redirected his attention. He loved the music. At one point he was dancing to "Route 66" when he turned around and said, "Dance Momma!" The whole theater heard him. At least they all laughed! LOL I hope he remembers his first movie experience. I still remember mine. My cousin took me to see Lady and the Tramp. I was about 3-4 years old and I was so excited. I couldn't wait for my cousin to pick me up for our "date." It is a memory that I will always treasure and I hope that Joshua feels the same way about his first movie.

Do you have a memory of your first movie?

Note to self...............

Move cooling cake out of reach of hungry 2 year old!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Where are they coming from and why are they in my house?

I swear every single time it rains I can walk into my laundry room and find an ugly slimy slug. Where the heck are they coming from? Why are they coming into my house and how are they getting in? I'm not squimish about them. I just pick them up and put them back outside, but I don't want one of the kids or the dog trying to eat the thing. Anyone know how I can prevent them from coming inside?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!

He is the love of my life and the most wonderful father to our kids. I couldn't have picked a better man to fall in love with!! Thank you, Honey, for everything that you do for us. We love you!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

WOOHOO!! Going on vacation after all!!

It has been decided that after the closing on the house and we get settled in the new place the kids and I are going to Florida. I've planned to leave no later than July 7!! I can't wait!! Amelia Island here we come!!! We are going to be there the entire week and Michael is going to fly down on the 13th. He and I are going to drive to Tampa and visit Busch Gardens and just have some quality time for the 2 of us. We don't get a lot of that with 3 kids. My mom is going to keep those wonderful children for us for that weekend. I'm feeling much better about the summer now. It was depressing me to think that I wouldn't be able to go on vacation.

Here we go again!

Well, the offer was countered and finally accepted on the house. We close on June 30. This is also Joshua's 3rd birthday and I feel really bad about having to move on his special day. Maybe we will celebrate a little early for him. Anyway, I'm now in the process of looking for an apartment for us to move into. I'm just a little hesitant to put down a deposit on anything thinking of what happened last time. I will wait until sometime next week to make it a little safer for us. Please, everyone keep your fingers crossed that this contract doesn't fall through. I need for this to be over. It is entirely too much stress for one person to handle. It makes me short tempered! LOL

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Tonight before I go downstairs after my shower I peek in on the kids. Ari is sleeping peacefully in her crib. I tiptoe to Joshua's room and what do I find? Joshua AND Daddy fast asleep. Michael has bedtime duty when he is home by order of the 2 year old so he takes him upstairs, brushes his teeth, and reads him a story. Tonight he never made it out of the bed! LOL They are so cute sleeping up there together. My poor guys are completely exhausted. Michael was up early this morning after working until midnight so he could watch the kids while I went to CPR class and Joshua played outside for 3 solid hours today. I guess the day just wore them out. Maybe I'll let them sleep and not worry about disturbing Michael. He deserves an undisturbed slumber.

Monday, June 12, 2006

*SIGH* Is it football season yet?

I'm tired of baseball (could be because my Braves are horrible!!!) and I hate basketball. Soccer does nothing for me. I NEED my football!!! I'm afraid my Bulldogs aren't going to be very good this year with all the players we lost last year, but I'm still looking forward to the season. I've been looking at the University of Georgia schedule and I can't wait even though I don't get to go to the UGA/Vandy game this year. September 2 is the first game. How many days away is that? I need a ticker at the bottom of my blog to count down!! I may have to look into that! LOL I am going to try to get tickets to at least one home game. Hey, if you know anyone with connections let me know!! ;-) I want to take Christian to his first UGA home game. He is a newly converted Georgia fan. When I met him he was a Gator fan. Yeah, that went over really well in my house!! LOL I've converted (brainwashed) him though so it's all good!! To seal the deal with his conversion he needs to experience Game Day at UGA. He will forever be a fan if he can have that experience. At least I hope so since it makes it so much nicer to be at my house during football season!! I'll be getting him some new UGA merchandise for the coming season too. Gotta get rid of that blue and orange junk!!


There are now ads on my blog. Be proud that I was able to do this "technical" computer stuff all by myself! LOL I really am computer illiterate! Now, feel free to click on these links at anytime. Help me make some extra money and maybe find something cool for yourself in the process!! ;-)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The house saga continues!

This really is a huge PITA!!! We got another offer on the house today. They are offering more than the asking price, but they want............get this...................$3500 in moving expenses (our agent nixed this before he even brought the offer to us) AND $6500 in closing costs. WTF? I don't think so!!! They also want other small stuff like title insurance, repair fees, warranty, our refridgerator and stove, and all blinds. Are they completely out of their minds? That is a lot of money and we don't have that much equity in the house to begin with. We haven't even been here for 3 years. I'm thinking of countering with what they are offering and closing costs ONLY. We are putting in a call to my brother-in-law who is a mortgage broker to see if the $6500 in closing is legit anyway. They can also have the refridgerator, stove, and blinds. I'm not giving them anymore money though. I've decided that I'm selling this house on MY terms and if the potential buyers don't like it then they can buy a different house. I refuse to get screwed. I'm content with staying here if it comes down to it. Yes, the gas to and from work everyday is still going to be an issue, but otherwise I love my house.

The zoo is always fun!

Elephants...................giraffes.........................and tigers...................oh my!

Joshua in his "Cool dude" shades!

Ari is having fun in the bamboo forest.

Hey, 16 year olds are good for something..............carrying around cranky 1 year olds on a hot day at the zoo! Just kidding Christian, you know I love you!!

Sneaky Little Monkey!!

Does dog food really taste that good?

Ari will sit right beside the dog food bowl with her back against the wall and stealthfully slide her right hand into the bowl and pick out a piece of dog food. When she thinks I'm not looking she will then slip that piece of dog food into her mouth. As soon as I say her name she takes it out of her mouth and gently places it back into the bowl only to repeat the whole process a few minutes later. We do the same routine several times a day. I will move her away from the bowls and give her a toy to play with, but she comes right back within minutes. I'm guessing that dog food is a wonderful tasting food that we are all just missing out on!! LOL

Even though it is gross it is the funniest thing to watch. She really thinks she is pulling something over on us. She even gets this little innocent look on her face when she sits down. Like she has no intention of doing what she knows she shouldn't be doing. I love it!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

End of an era.............goodbye #9!

It's a very sad day for this Titans fan. Confirmation came today that Steve McNair has been traded. Not only has he been traded, but he's been traded to the Ravens of all teams! I knew there was a strong possibility he would go, but I was hoping against hope that it would not happen. Being a lifelong football fan I understand that this happens, but I hate it. It hurts my heart to see those players I love leave my beloved team. Steve was the last of the Titans who initially won my heart. I had no intention of being a Titans fan. I grew up a Dolphin and thought I would forever be one. Then the Oilers moved to Nashville. I went to a game in Memphis. It was fun, but no allegance change. I went to a few games at Vanderbilt. Still no change. They changed their name to the Tennessee Titans and came to the Coliseum. I was lucky enough to get tickets to every home game. That first year in the Coliseum was amazing for me. That team played with such heart. They seemed to be able to find a way to win and it wasn't always pretty. With each game I became more and more of a fan. I finally realized that they had my heart during the playoff game against the Bills. I wasn't able to be at that game, but I was sitting in front of my tv biting my finger nails watching. I remember calling my mom when the Bills went ahead with 16 seconds left. I was in tears. I was jumping for joy by the end of that conversation though with the Music City Miracle. It was at this time that I knew I was a Titans fan forever. They made me cry. The only other football team that has ever been able to make me cry is my Georgia Bulldogs and I live and die Georgia football!! Steve was a major part of winning my heart that season. They have made me cry several more times over the years, but what a ride it's been. The memories will be forever etched into my heart. I do miss all those guys from that season and I will miss #9 as well. I wish nothing but good things for Steve in his new home. Except, of course, when he plays my Titans! ;-)

To Steve................Thanks for the memories!! You will be sorely missed!!