Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm soooooo over this!!

Okay, selling a house while you are living in it totally sucks! I'm so tired of having to make sure the house is in perfect condition every day. It's hard to do with 2 kids and a dog. Actually, it is impossible. I'm tired of getting the call that says someone is going to be by at a certain time and I have to pack up the kids and the dog and leave my house for at least an hour. Can they not give me an actual time instead of a window of time? That might make it a little easier. Oh and isn't it fun (NOT!!) when they call at 2:00 to tell you that someone is coming by between 1:30 and 2:30? They did this to Michael yesterday. Luckily, he was already out of the house. I just want someone to put an offer on this house so we can put an offer on a house that we like. It needs to be over so I can relax some. Selling a house is very stressful and I've decided that stress is not my friend. It is making me kinda irritable!


Happiness is......................

Father and son

I love this picture!


She just has that look of "I'm definitely going to get into trouble today!" LOL
Look at those pig tails! Aren't they just the cutest things?

Friday, April 21, 2006

I wish I would have had a working camera tonight!

This was Wild West Week at Joshua's school. Today the kids were supposed to wear their "cowboy" clothes. Well, Joshua refused to wear his denim shirt and his boots this morning. He wouldn't even put them on at school when he saw all the other kids wearing theirs. Not long after we get home he sees his boots and his shirt and wants to wear them. This wouldn't normally be something funny, but tonight he was just in his t-shirt and underware. Now picture this.......................t-shirt with denim shirt over it, Finding Nemo underware, and cowboy boots! I was laughing so hard at my son (Does this make me a bad mommy? LOL). Of course I go in search of the camera. I find the old one, but no batteries and it has been taking pretty bad pictures lately. The nice new camera is with Michael so we don't get to document this unusual outfit for future embarrassment. How sad! LOL

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ah, the volatile weather of Spring

And so it begins. Last night was rather scary. We had some really rough weather starting around midnight last night. I woke up to hail beating down on my roof and against my windows. I laid there just listening intently to the storm. I was a little nervous. Around 1am there is this huge clap of thunder and Joshua screams. He made it to our room before I could get out of bed to go get him. He was scared to death. Poor little guy. He ended up staying in bed with us the rest of the night. Michael got up around 1:30am and went downstairs to take the dog out........I guess. When he came back up I sent him back to watch the weather. It was so windy with continuous thunder and lightening. I ended up going down to watch too. I stayed up until about 2:30am before venturing back to bed to try and get some sleep. The storm ended somewhere around 3am and I finally went back to sleep. We didn't have any tornados in our area, but back to the west of us was hit pretty hard. We were lucky this time.

I love Springtime because it starts to get warmer and the trees and flowers come alive again, but I also dread it each year. Bad weather like that really scares me now that I have kids. It seems like it is getting worse too. Maybe it's just because now I pay more attention to it and I'm also in an area where we get more bad weather than where I've lived in the past. I'm hoping that this year it really isn't as bad though. Although, they are already talking about more severe storms coming through at the end of this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they are wrong.