Sunday, September 27, 2009

UGA 20 (3-1) Arizona State 17 (2-1)

Well, we survived another one. Just barely. My boys are killing me this year. One loss and 3 very close games with last second plays to either keep the lead or take the lead. Ack! I've said it before, but dang boys I'm too old for this. I'm going to have a heart attack before the end of the season at this rate.

Talk about a nasty night for football. It was nasty in Athens last night. Rain rain and more rain. That group of kids who paint themselves every week were all washed off almost before the game started. (Oh and on a side note...........someone really needs to tell them that the Speedo thing just ain't attractive. Thanks.) Anyway, I knew that it was going to be an ugly game because of the weather. I can't blame all the bad play on the weather, but I'm going to give the team the benefit of the doubt and say a lot of it was due to all the rain. Yes, I can be delusional if I want. Its my blog! LOL

This week it was the offense who didn't have it together. Too many turnovers and penalties..........oh wait............that's been an ongoing problem. Crap. But even considering that the numbers weren't all that horrible. Well, rushing yards were not good, but Cox passed for 242 yards. Not bad for conditions and supposedly a pretty darn good defense we were up against.

The defense played pretty well this week. They held Arizona State to 116 passing yards. Which is a heck of a lot better than the 400+ yards of last week. We had a harder time stopping the run this week though. Arizona State's leading rusher had over 100 yards. We did block a field goal too! Thankfully!!! Otherwise we'd have gone to overtime and Lord help us then. The stress would have been too much for this fan. LOL

Oh and I have to say thank you to Blair Walsh for your clutch kicking! Whew!!

This week's stats:

1. Cox was 17 of 31 for 242 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs (ugh!)
2. Total rushing yards 102.
3. AJ Green caught 8 balls for 153 yards (he was also the one who blocked the field goal!).
4. 7 penalties for 55 yards.

Up next week LSWho................I mean LSU. They are ranked #4 (Speaking of ranking.........there are 3 SEC teams in the top 5. And we have to play 2 of them!!! ACK!!) I'm expecting another nailbiter of a game. Oh fun....................NOT!!

Until next time.................GATA DAWGS!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

UGA 52 (2-1) Arkansas 41 (1-1)

Holy roller coaster of emotions Dawg fans! For the 2nd week in a row my Dawgs have just about given me a heart attack! I'm getting too old for this boys!! There was a lot going on last night for sure. Our offense looked fantastic (well except for some turnovers!)! Joe! He proved he can lead this team. I said I would reserve judgment after that first horrible game because he was sick. Some fans weren't so forgiving. They aren't calling for his head today though. They are thanking their lucky stars he was on the field last night!! I hope he has shut them up for good. Oh and by the way, Joe Cox was named Walter Camp Football Foundation National Offensive Player of the Week. He had 5 touchdowns which ties him with Stafford, Shockley, and Greene for touchdowns in a game.

While our offense kicked it last night our defense was a completely different story. They looked sick and not sick in a good way! Arkansas' Mallett threw for 408 freakin' yards!! What the hell??? Really, how do you leave eligible receivers so wide open all night? Even I know better than that! They were able to stop the run so at least we have that, but we've got some damn good QBs in the SEC and if we continue to leave receivers wide open like that they are going to light us up every freakin' Saturday!! Now I'm not one to jump on the "Let's fire *name your coach*" bandwagon, but enough is enough. Martinez needs to go. Our defense definitely needs an overhaul. They cannot continue to count on the offense to bail them out. They have their own issues (turnovers and penalties) to work on.

Speaking of penalties............ummm, yeah I lost count of how many we had. I'm sure I could find it somewhere, but lets just say we had WAY TOO MANY on both sides of the ball(and it wasn't even Penn Wagers out there!)!!! We gotta take care of that boys. There is NO excuse for that. None. Pay attention to what you are doing!! Ok, looked it up...........we had 14 penalties for 93 yards. Ridiculous!!!!

Ok, now onto special teams. *sigh* As much as I loved them last week they left a lot to be desired this week. This directional kicking thing? It AIN'T working! How many times did our kickoffs go out of bounds last night? Geez! Kick the damn ball deep and trust your kickoff coverage team to do their jobs for crying out loud. That said, Butler had an amazing 64 yard punt at the end that helped keep Arkansas from rallying.

Here are the stats from the game:

1. Cox was 18 of 26 for 375 yards and 5 touchdowns and 1 interception.
2. Samuel carried 16 times for 104 yards.
3. King carried 11 for 59 yards.
4. Green caught 7 balls for 137 yards.
5. Moore caught 6 for 91 yards.
6. 530 total yards

Remember if you want/need analysis and whys or wherefores then you need to click on the links over there----------->

Next up Arizona State.

Until next week.....................GATA Dawgs!!!

So how much does the Tooth Fairy leave these days?

This is a very important piece of information. Joshua has his very first loose tooth!! He came out of the bathroom last night after brushing his teeth and his eyes were HUGE! He says, "Mom! I have blood on my tooth!!" He was a little bit freaked out I think. LOL I checked his tooth and sure enough it was a little bit wiggly. He is so excited now. I've lost count of how many times he's asked when his tooth is going to come out. His first question to me this morning was if his tooth was still there. So, I'm new to this whole Tooth Fairy thing so how much does she leave these days?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

UGA 41 (1-1) USC 37 (1-1)

OH MY GOODNESS!! What a game!! This game was absolutely amazing! Talk about ups and downs in emotion! Geez, I didn't know if I would survive this game. I knew I was going to have a heart attack before the end. And I was completely exhausted by the end. The poor kids and dog. I scared them a couple times with my yelling at the tv. I have got to find my tv brick!! Or my splash ball to throw when needed.

We had a little bit of everything in this on folks. Fumbles. Interceptions. Reverse for a TD. Kickoff return for a touchdown. Fake punt. Safety. Blocked extra point. Penalties. Last second heroics. It was crazy!! And I loved it! I haven't seen such an exciting game in a very long time. Wasn't it Corso who said it was going to be a boring game? Ha! Keep talking Corso, just don't pick my Dawgs to win thankyouverymuch!

My phone was going nuts with all my Twitter friends. Heck my Twitter feed was going nuts too. I have to say that I was using some horrible language A LOT last night. LOL But if you know me at all you know that UGA football brings that out like nothing else. I'm sure I need to apologize to some of my non-UGA followers.

The stats from the game:
1. Cox was 17 for 24 for 200 yards 2 TDs and 1 interception
2. Samuel carried 15 times for 65 yards
3. Smith carried twice for 65 yards
4. Thomas carried 6 times for 22 yards.
5. Green caught 6 balls for 86 yards.
6. We threw to 6 different receivers.
7. 352 total yards (not counting sacks)
8. 257 kickoff return yards (Boykin had 4 for 189 with a 100 yarder for a TD, Smith had 2 for 60 yards)

At the end of the game I was on the floor on my knees praying! With 22 seconds left USC was on the 7 yard line. They had to have a touchdown to win. A field goal would do nothing for them. It was 4th down. Garcia stepped back to throw the ball. All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR RENNIE CURRAN!!!! He batted the ball down and the ball was ours. Now did I see all that live? Heck no! I was on the floor praying as I mentioned. I had to watch the replay. LOL All that was left was for my boys to kneel down in the victory formation. My favorite play in all of football. Well, when WE do it. ;)

Oh and I have to mention the kicking game! Our kickoffs were going into the end zone! OMG! Can you believe it? We actually had a touch back! Unheard of!! LOL Not only that, but Blair Walsh had a 50 yard field goal! I was loving me some Blair Walsh last night! (that was for you Rex! ;) )

It was an incredibly fun game. Now if we had lost it I'm not sure I would be saying that. LOL But to make it all the more fun was the fact that it caused Spurrier all kinds of frustration. Look, here he is at the end. Note the GSP fist bump right behind him. That makes me giggle! Heehee

Next up Arkansas.

Until next week...........GATA Dawgs!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Samantha and giraffes

Are you a flirt?

I've been thinking about this for awhile now. I used to be a big time flirt. I didn't do it much in high school, but I think that was because I went to 3 different high schools and I was always the new girl so I wasn't really comfortable getting noticed. I'm actually quite shy. Even still.

When I went to college I started flirting a lot. I was no longer the new girl. Heck we were all new. LOL I loved flirting. It was fun and for me innocent. I wasn't really looking to hook up or anything. It was mostly to make someone smile at me. LOL I loved to flirt with my male friends because they were the safest in my opinion. I think some of their girlfriends didn't like that though. Opps, sorry. :) I would get free drinks from the bartender at my favorite bar. Flirting had its advantages for sure.

I continued to be a flirt after I left college. I worked in a hotel and I would flirt with guests and coworkers. Again, it was fun and innocent. Other girls used to ask me why I was able to go into the kitchen and get the chef to make me anything I wanted. Well, I always flirted with him. I was nice to him unlike some of them. I also appreciated that he would make me stuff. I never expected it, but it was always nice when he would. It was yet another advantage of flirting. ;)

I left the hotel business and started teaching. I'm sad to say that I no longer flirt. I work in a building full of women. There is no one to flirt with. I miss it. I think I've lost the art of it. And that makes me sad.

So, are you a flirt? Did you used to flirt but no longer do it? If so, why did you stop? Come on, I really want to know.

September 11, 2001 May we never forget

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ever have one of those days when....

you just feel off kilter? I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like I'm in limbo. Waiting on something to happen, but without a clue as to what I'm waiting on. I'm having that kind of day today and its driving me absolutely insane. I almost feel like I'm in a panic and I don't know WHY! Very restless. I'm definitely not enjoying all!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

H1N1 or Swine Flu

Whatever you want to call it we've got it. Joshua was diagnosed with it yesterday after running a fever for 3 days. Ari woke me up at 3am with a high fever and throwing up. *sigh* So far Sammie hasn't exhibited any symptoms. Please say a prayer that she doesn't. Her getting it really scares me. So far with the big kids its been pretty mild. Ari is puking, but I think that comes with the high fever as she tends to do that when she runs one over 102. She's feeling pretty pitiful right now though. We are armed with Tamiflu for all kids. That stuff is EXPENSIVE!!! It was $50 per kid so I dropped $150 last night on medicine. Our insurance did save us $200 though. How in the world do people with no insurance afford this stuff? Geez!!

As for Michael and I, we are feeling ok for now. I was feeling iffy this morning, but I think it was lack of sleep. I took a nap and feel better now. I'm so hoping that the adults are spared. I'm not sure I can take care of sick kiddos when I'm that sick too. Could get ugly around here.

Right now I'm trying to decide what to do about work. Should I go in? Should I stay home? I've been told that it can be spread even before symptoms show up in the person. I guess I'll talk to my principal to see what she thinks. I planned on going in today and then Ari woke up puking. I didn't feel right about leaving her home without me with that and a high fever.

Now I'm off to buy more Tylenol and Motrin. We are definitely going through it quickly with 2 sick kiddos.

If you are the praying type please say a quick one for us that this is quick and as mild.

Monday, September 07, 2009

UGA 10 (0-1) OK St 24 (1-0)

Here we are at the beginning of another season of UGA football. I will write a post after each game with my take on the game. I am not an analyst. I cannot analyze what they did right or wrong and why. I am a fan. I've been a fan most of my life (starting at age 3 according to my family). I can give you my thoughts and feelings on the game. If you are looking for analysts you will need to turn elsewhere. Look over to the right and you will see some links under UGA Blogs. Those guys are pretty darn good at giving you the whys and wherefores. Ok, now that that's out of the way lets get on with this week's game.

The Dawgs traveled to Stillwater, OK to take on the OK State Cowboys. We were ranked #13 while the Cowboys were #9. Leave it to us to open with a top 10 ranked team. LOL Would I rather see us open with a pansy team? Heck no!! Am I disappointed in the loss? You bet, but as a friend said earlier this weekend, disappointed but not embarrassed. Am I surprised that we lost? Not really. We lost some big time players to the NFL (Congrats to Matthew Stafford who was named starting QB for the Detroit Lions today). I have a feeling this is going to be a rough year. I will remain optimistic though. Until I'm forced to feel otherwise. ;)

The game on Saturday was not good. On the first drive the boys looked good. Marching down the field and scoring a touchdown. The only UGA touchdown in the game. *sigh* The rest of the game the offense didn't look so good. I'm trying to be positive here and give Joe Cox the benefit of the doubt. He was, after all, suffering from "flu like" symptoms. I'll hold off on my judgement until he's had time to recover. The defense made some amazing plays. There were some HUGE hits out there. Don't get me started on some of the new rules about roughing the receivers. Ugh! Let them play ball for crying out loud. As long as they aren't hitting them in the head or leading with their head let them play. Have a feeling I'm not going to like that rule this year at all!!

Here are the stats from the game:

1. Joe Cox was 15 of 30 for 162 yards with 1 TD and 1 interception.
2. Richard Samuel had 20 carries for 87 yards.
3. AJ Green had 4 catches for 52 yards.
4. Cox threw to 9 different receivers.
5. Rushing total was 104 (not counting sacks)
6. Total yards was 266.

While I am disappointed with the outcome of this game, I'm not disheartened. I still have faith in my boys. We start our very difficult SEC schedule next week against South Carolina. The Yard Birds come into Athens hot off of their 7-3 win over NC State. Don't get cocky though Dawg fans. You know that this is always a tough game for us.

Until next week........................


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Its time to get this party started!!!

Its UGA football time!!!! Only minutes away from kickoff!! I promise I will get this blog moving again. Probably a lot of football talk, but I'll try to get some kid pictures up here too. ;)

Ok, here we go DAWGS!! The 2009-2010 season begins. GATA boys!!!!