Monday, April 28, 2008

Does it make me a bad mommy?

Joshua tripped and fell on his bookshelf. He comes in the living room crying. My first thought when I see the knot is.............."Where is my camera?" Does that make me a bad mommy?

What a pitiful face. See that knot?

Can you see the tears? That makes me feel bad.

He just looks so sad. Poor little guy.

I'm still recovering....

Whew I'm tired. Who would have thought that one little concert would completely wear me out? Granted we were dancing fools and got very little sleep. On Thursday night after the concert we went bar hopping and then when we finally got back to our hotel room we had to hook up Lisa's laptop computer and upload all of the concert pictures. We didn't get to bed until 4am. Ummm, we are not 18 anymore that is for sure. LOL We only slept until 9am and then we went around town playing tourists (well, I played tourist......Lisa was one. lol). After that we picked up Michael and the kids to go to the park and take some pictures. We were supposed to go out downtown on Friday night, but we were too tired. We checked into our new hotel and relaxed a little bit. At least we were able to sleep in on Saturday before going to lunch and meeting another friend for dessert. It was a busy day and we still weren't done. We headed out to Opryland to look around. Finally we were able to come home and sit down for awhile. You would think that would be enough rest for me to feel okay today. Not so much. I exhausted.

I think it was the 4am thing. LOL


OMG!! What is it going to take? Since spring break I have been walking 3+ miles (in an hour) at least 4 days a week. I've changed my eating habits. I've even stopped drinking Coke. All this and I've lost absolutely NO weight!!! Talk about major frustration. I don't know what to do. Heck, I think I've even gained some weight. I don't want to take diet pills, but I'm thinking about trying Alli. I've heard good things about it.

Ugh!! My mom thinks I should get my thyroid checked. Could that be it? If so, is there something they can do to help me lose weight? I really really do not have a good self image right now. I'm hating the way I look. HELP!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well that's scary!!!

Apparently there was a bomb scare last night before the Bon Jovi show in Ft. Lauderdale. Yeah, ummmm I would advise the police to keep the name of the person (when they find him/her) to themselves. I'm not sure how safe they would be when the Jovi fans found out. Geez, I mean they threatened OUR boys. We don't take to kindly to that!!! Forget about all the other innocent people in the arena. LOL I'm kidding of course. It was scary for everyone. What kind of idiot does something like that? I hope they find them and punishment is severe. I can't imagine what if felt like to have to be evacuated.

I'm glad everyone is safe and the boys still went on after it was all over. They did not let their fans down. The show must go on!! Rock on boys!!! We love you!!

Did I have fun?

What do you think? We had a BLAST!!! The weather held out and we were able to walk around downtown with no rain. We met up with some other fan club members at Rippy's. We only bought one drink there b/c a very small rum and coke was over $6. Umm, yeah. I'll pass thanks. At around 6:30 we headed over to stand in line where we get our fan club tickets. We got section 3 (on the floor) row N which translates to be 14th row. Not bad at all!!!

Daughtry came on first. When we saw them in Mohegan we really enjoyed it, but here we were just feeling a little impatient. It's not that they aren't good. They are, but we were just ready for Jovi. Both Lisa and I kept looking at our watches. It was pretty funny.

You could just feel the excitement. Once the lights went down the place went wild. The boys came out on stage and went immediately into "Lost Highway." It was great!! They put on a pretty rockin' show. Very few ballads this time. It was pretty mainstream stuff too. I was a little disappointed by that since I wanted to hear a couple of non-mainstream songs myself. LOL I was not, however, disappointed in the show. The audience was into it the entire night. Very few people were sitting. Unlike Mohegan where there were rows and rows of people sitting. Yeah, I don't sit at a Bon Jovi concert!!! It was HOT though. Jon was sweating by the end of the second song and I wasn't far behind. LOL I so wished I had a hair twisty so I could put my hair up. I was burning up. I didn't mind much though. I was watching my man sweat his ass off so it was all good. *sigh*

They had a couple special guests show up too. Big and Rich stopped by to sing "We Got It Goin' On" and Leann Rimes (grrrrr) stopped by to sing "Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore." Can I just say that I did NOT appreciate it at all when he kissed her? I was NOT happy!!! LOL I have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that he is married. He does not need to be kissing up on some blonde chick. Ok, so he can kiss up on this redhead whenever he wants, but not some blonde chick!!! ROFLMAO

It was a fabulous show and of course I am in "post concert depression" mode. *sigh* I sure wish they would announce the Boston summer dates so I'd have something to look forward to. *sigh*

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!!

I want this look directed towards me!!! Love it!!!

Can I come back in another life as his mic? Please!!!!!

Love that smile!! *sigh*

Okay, so maybe THIS is the look I want directed at me. *sigh*

Gotta get that "butt shot." Can't leave a Jovi concert without it. ;-)

There's that beautiful smile again. *sigh*

Oh yeah.................for an encore they played "I Love This Town." He told us that no matter how many times he plays this song for other towns/cities that we have to know that it is for us (Nashville). Here is a video of his introduction to the song. He may love Nashville, but not as much as Nashville loves Bon Jovi.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tomorrow!!!!! It's tomorrow!!!!!

I know you aren't asking what is tomorrow!!! I know you aren't!!! How can you ask that? It's BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this time tomorrow night I will be singing and dancing along with the man of my dreams (sorry honey!) and he will actually be singing only for me. *sigh* Forget about the thousands of other people there. He is singing for ME!!!

My friend Lisa flies in tomorrow to go with me. I am so excited!!! I'll be sure to post lots of pics. LOL

I'm so excited I can't stand it!! Luckily my kindergartners are going on a field trip tomorrow so I don't have to actually teach! This is good because I would be completely useless in the classroom tomorrow. LOL

"I'm not living here anymore!!"

This is what Joshua told me last night when I put him in time out for hitting his sister.

He proceeds to tell me that he is going to live with Namma (my mom). He was taking all of his toys and all his "boy" movies. He had to ask her if she would drive him to school everyday, but it was going to be a long trip so he needed a snack. He also needed to have a pet at Namma's and could he take Georgia. ROFLMAO He wasn't taking his sister b/c he didn't want a sister anymore. LOL Poor Ari.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's getting to be that time of year.

You know. When everyone starts buying new patio furniture so that they can enjoy the beautiful weather of spring. I love this time of year. Well, other than the nasty storms we can get. LOL The sun shines. There is usually a nice breeze. It's not too hot. Ahhh, heaven. Today at school we spent a lot of time outside. We gave them an extra recess for being so good during testing week and for doing so well on the exit tests. The kids needed it and I needed it. We've had a pretty wet winter and they haven't been able to go outside for recess more often than not. I'm so happy we can get outside again. It helps a lot. Now I'm not looking forward to the 95+ degree weather of summer. I can do without that for sure! LOL

Gas prices suck!

I had to stop and get gas this morning on the way to work. My light was on. I put in $30. I. DIDN'T. EVEN. GET. 10. FREAKIN'. GALLONS!!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. I can remember (don't ya hate it when people say that?) when I could fill my tank for less than that. I'm so tired of this. Between gas and groceries I don't know how people are surviving. Ugh.

Earthquake? What earthquake?

Apparently there was an earthquake not all that far from here early this morning. Yeah well, I didn't feel a thing. I must have been sleeping hard. I think I'm the only one at work who didn't feel it. Heck, Georgia didn't even react. They say it was felt as far south as Atlanta. Who knew? I'm actually glad that I didn't feel it. It would have freaked me out. LOL

Did you feel it?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I think I may have ruined my son.

He has a new favorite song. It is "Blame It On the Love Of Rock & Roll" by Bon Jovi. We have to listen to it several times in a row as we drive to school everyday. He will sit in his car seat with his "hickers" (aka headphones) on singing along. He wants it turned up. Loud. Well, today he asked me as we were getting out of the car at school, "Momma, can I be a rock & roll star?" There is a line in the song that says, "Every little boy wants to learn to play guitar so he can pick up all the chicks and be a rock & roll star." I lost it. It was so funny. I guess though that when he is a teenager and has to grow his hair long and he is in a band I can't say a word. It is all my fault to begin with. LOL

Michael says that I should have told him no so that we could start the rebellion now and make him more determined to be one. LOL

This is so frustrating

I love email. I check my email several times a day. Or rather, I TRY to check my email several times a day. I have 4 email accounts. Don't ask why. I have no idea other than being addicted. LOL What frustrates me is that at work there is one account that I can't check. For some reason I get the error page. It's not a blocked site and sometimes I can check it. Some days the site will pull up and let me put in my login and then I get the error message. Some days I can't even do that. I get the error message when I click to the login page. Some days it works just fine. I never have the problem at home. Never. What could be the problem? Could it be the router? Do you think we need to replace the old router with a used cisco one? I'm not sure what the problem is, but I sure do wish they would fix it. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you know?

Have you heard anything? I'm looking for any information on where to go "hang out" after the Bon Jovi concert on the 24th. You know, somewhere I MIGHT run into them. Have you heard any rumors? Are you someone who is "in the know?" If you, let ME know. ;-) I promise not to be a crazy fan! Actually, I probably wouldn't be able to say anything to him anyway. LOL

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Imagine that!! ROFLMAO

What dog breed are you? I'm a Bulldog! Find out at


The Comedian

You may look like the troublemaker of the pack, but it turns out your tough guy mug is worse than its bite. You're really a softie, loyal to your friends and family and A-OK with meeting new pooches, but you prefer to do so with a high-five instead of a paw-shake. Proud of your great sense of humor, you've got a whole litter of jokes you draw from to keep the mood playful and the positive energy alive. A perfect afternoon for you involves a leisurely stroll with a pal, followed by a little downtime in an easy chair with a frosty can of brew and a remote control within easy fetching distance. You shed accusations of being lazy, knowing perfectly well that you're kenneling the energy you might need for... well... something.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Did you carry?

When you were in college or even now, do you carry any sort of self defense products? I carried pepper spray when I was in college. I wasn't supposed to walk alone at night, but I did on occasion. It was kinda scary for me and I know that the spray may not have given me all the protection I needed, but it did make me feel somewhat better.

I've thought about starting to carry it around again, but with young kids around I'm a little afraid. Know what I mean? But, with Michael working second shift I go a lot of places alone with the kids and I sometimes worry about something happening when I have them with me. It's a scary thought.

Got one for Christmas....

I got a new comforter and pillows for our king size bed for Christmas, but I've already decided that I need a couple more bedding sets. I love to change up my room. The one I got at Christmas is pretty thick and getting hot. I definitely need a new set for spring and summer. One that is a little lighter and cooler. I love down comforters best though. They are so............comfy. LOL

I will have to decide on color schemes. One thing I have to take into consideration is the color of my dust ruffle. No, I'm not going to change that every time I change the other bedding. We have a king size bed. It is just to hard to change out the dust ruffle. I need something neutral. Got any ideas? Keep in mind that I have a husband who doesn't really feel comfortable sleeping amidst flowers. Not to mention I'm not the flower type either. ;-)

I've said it once.....

And I'll say it again. Someone needs to open a drive through convenience store. I hate having to take my kids to the grocery store and get everybody out of the car just to get a couple things like milk and bread. Especially when it is raining. That is just annoying. I will usually do anything possible to avoid doing that, but sometimes it just isn't possible. I HAVE to have it for dinner that night or breakfast the next morning. *sigh* Maybe I should check into it and see if there is any sort of franchise for one of them. Do you know someone with money who could back me in a venture like that? ;-)

Today was a fun day at school

We had a lot going on and were always busy, but it was fun. First, we had an awards/pep rally and later in the day we had a wedding. Yep. In kindergarten. Seems that Mr. Q and Miss U fell in love and just had to spend the rest of their lives together!! LOL It was so cute and the kids did such a good job. I was very proud of them. Sadly I can't post pictures of them for privacy reasons, but it really was cute. We even had a reception afterward in our classroom. Complete with a Little Debbie Snack Cake wedding cake and punch.

I'm tired now though and glad that it's over. We practiced all week and the kids have been absolutely wild with excitement. Not to mention the fact that the song "Going to the Chapel" is going to be stuck in my head for weeks. LOL Including the little hand/arm motions. Good thing I like the song. ;-)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Get well soon Larry!!

I just found out that my beloved Larry Munson (play caller for the Dawgs) had surgery yesterday to remove blood clots in his brain. Sending out lots of prayers for a quick recovery.

If you've never heard Larry call a game you are really missing out. He brings it to life like no other. I first started listening to him when I was 14 years old and my mom wouldn't let me watch anymore UGA games on TV. She was afraid I was going to have a nervous breakdown after the UGA/Clemson game that year. LOL I had to rely on Larry to bring the games to me. Well he did. With passion and humor. He loves the Dawgs as much as I do and it shows every time he calls a play.

Me made another fan in Christian a couple years ago. We were driving from Florida on the day of the UGA/Tech game and of course had to listen to the game. It was the first time Christian (former Gator fan) had heard him. He was as enthralled with the voice and passion as I was. He kept telling me that he had chills. LOL Larry can do that to you.

Last year Larry decided that he was only going to call home games. This broke my heart. While I don't get to listen to him as often now that I live in the dreaded Big Orange Country (shudder shudder) I still enjoy listening to clips of his calls.

Get well soon Larry.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Does it ever end?

Yeah, I'm no longer a teenager. Like I said below, I'm 36 years old!!! I thought it was supposed to end once I was no longer a teenager. Apparently not. What am I talking about you ask? Acne. Yeah. I'm not happy. Granted it's never been bad and usually only really pops out (ewwww gross) around menstrual time, but it is danged annoying. I need to find a good acne wash that will help it go away faster. I don't wear makeup to cover it on a daily basis so I need something to shorten the life span. KWIM?

Is this common?

Ugh! I'm only 36 years old for crying out loud. Why do I always get the calls offering to give me life insurance quotes? It is kind of giving me a complex here! LOL I already have life insurance so it's not like I'm ignoring my responsibility to my family, but do these guys know something I don't? LOL Heck, I even have life insurance on my kids. I have a cousin who works in the industry and she makes sure I'm well taken care of.