Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I'm not living here anymore!!"

This is what Joshua told me last night when I put him in time out for hitting his sister.

He proceeds to tell me that he is going to live with Namma (my mom). He was taking all of his toys and all his "boy" movies. He had to ask her if she would drive him to school everyday, but it was going to be a long trip so he needed a snack. He also needed to have a pet at Namma's and could he take Georgia. ROFLMAO He wasn't taking his sister b/c he didn't want a sister anymore. LOL Poor Ari.


S said...

Having only one child, I have missed so much of this sort of fun!
I have never heard my daughter scream from the back seat while Im struggling through traffic,

"Mooommm, he's touching MEEEEE!"

Julie said...

HA HA!!! My son said to me, "Mom- my brother is crazy!!! I need a new one!!"

That is classic!! I like that he was taking the dog!