Friday, April 11, 2008

Today was a fun day at school

We had a lot going on and were always busy, but it was fun. First, we had an awards/pep rally and later in the day we had a wedding. Yep. In kindergarten. Seems that Mr. Q and Miss U fell in love and just had to spend the rest of their lives together!! LOL It was so cute and the kids did such a good job. I was very proud of them. Sadly I can't post pictures of them for privacy reasons, but it really was cute. We even had a reception afterward in our classroom. Complete with a Little Debbie Snack Cake wedding cake and punch.

I'm tired now though and glad that it's over. We practiced all week and the kids have been absolutely wild with excitement. Not to mention the fact that the song "Going to the Chapel" is going to be stuck in my head for weeks. LOL Including the little hand/arm motions. Good thing I like the song. ;-)

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