Friday, April 11, 2008

Did you carry?

When you were in college or even now, do you carry any sort of self defense products? I carried pepper spray when I was in college. I wasn't supposed to walk alone at night, but I did on occasion. It was kinda scary for me and I know that the spray may not have given me all the protection I needed, but it did make me feel somewhat better.

I've thought about starting to carry it around again, but with young kids around I'm a little afraid. Know what I mean? But, with Michael working second shift I go a lot of places alone with the kids and I sometimes worry about something happening when I have them with me. It's a scary thought.

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Anonymous said...

I currently carry a small pocket knife, but it's not easy to open. I had a really good one that I could open with a quick flip, but I forgot to take it off my key chain when I went to the airport. yeah, they snagged that right away!!!