Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

My baby turned 4 years old today. She is definitely our little princess. When asked what she wanted to wear today she promptly decided on her pretty black and white dress. We had a little family only party today. Arianna had a blast. She did get a little shy when we were singing the birthday song to her though. It was too cute.

Happy Birthday baby girl! I love you!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I want a house!

I really really want a house. I've been looking at houses online for days now. I've looked in Mt. Juliet, Boston, and Fernandina Beach. I don't care where at this point. *sigh* I just want to hire moving services and go. I want a yard. I want to paint the walls. I want to decorate something that is MINE. I want more space. I want a playroom for the kids. I'm tired of apartment living. It's almost becoming an obsession these days. I can't seem to stay off of the real estate websites and lusting over houses. *sigh*

Ok, I seriously laughed by butt off!!


Hmm, I've always wondered this myself.
Now I know.

- The Silent generation, people born before 1946.

- The Baby Boomers, people born between 1946

and 1959.

- Generation X, people born between 1960 and


- Generation Y, people born between 1980 and


Why do we call the last one generation Y? I did not know, but a cartoonist explains it eloquently below...Learned something new today!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've made an executive decision on meals in this house!

I've decided that from now on I am going to cook what I want to cook. Good well balanced healthy meals (for the most part). And if the kids don't want to eat what I cook that is just too bad. They can go hungry or eat a peanut butter sandwich. I will keep their favorites on the menu, but they won't be the only ones being satisfied with what is served at dinner. Heck, Ari is not eating her favorite thing in the whole world anymore anyway.

I've thrown in some stuff they can help with in hopes that it will encourage them to eat. Tonight we had "make your own pizza" night. I gave them english muffins and they put the sauce (complete with pureed sweet potatoes and mushrooms), cheese, and pepperoni on it themselves. Joshua ate both of his so at least he got some of the good stuff. Ari just ate the pepperoni which wasn't much of a surprise. She also ate a banana. I'm happy with it considering there are nights when she eats less than that even when I make her favorite.

Tomorrow night is fruit and yogurt parfaits with waffles. I will cut up strawberries, bananas, and give them raisins to put in their yogurt. I'll give them cute little parfait cups so they can layer their parfaits. Both of them are excited about tomorrow. LOL

Don't worry, I've got veggies on the menu later in the week. LOL Plus I add pureed veggies to whatever I sauce, spaghetti sauce, even taco meat has some pureed veggies mixed in. I'm going to try to get them to eat corn on the cob too. They both used to love it, but now neither will eat it. I have no idea what happened there. *sigh*

Oh and no more snacking between lunch and dinner. That way they are hungry and more likely to eat. I've also cut out snacks after dinner so if they don't eat they are going to learn that they can't just go get a snack later. Bad mom? Maybe, but I've got to do something to get these kids eating better meals.

I am also putting away the sippy cups. Now if they want something to drink they have to drink it at the table in a regular cup. I am so tired of finding sippy cups with milk in them days later. It's gross. I will let them have a sippy cup of water by their beds at night, but that's it.

Now I just need to stick to these changes. It's not going to be easy but I am determined!!

I've said that my motto for 2009 is "A Year of Change" and these are my first major changes for the family. So, wish me luck!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jon Bon Jovi's performance from today's inaugural event.

25 week preggo belly!

I'll get some professional ones made when I go to Boston/New Jersey in February. My friend, Lisa, is a professional photographer and she is going to take some for me. I'll post some of those when I get back.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I want this shirt!

I saw it the other day and it cracked me up!!

Ohhhh!!!! I love this movie!!!

I was channel surfing and found "The Cutting Edge!" I absolutely LOVE this movie. I've only seen it about 500 times. LOL I have to watch it again though. I just can't seem to pass it by. I do that with Grease and Dirty Dancing too. LOL

I'm so jealous

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. She just got home from shopping for a new tv. She bought a flat screen plasma. I'm jealous!! I want one!!! She's mad though. The guy at the store didn't tell her that she should get a flat panel mount. Now she has to go back out in the cold to buy one. She wants to put it up tonight. LOL Can you say impatient? Heehee!! Ok, so I'd be the same way. I told her I was coming over to watch a movie after she got it mounted and working. Nope, I didn't volunteer to help her do all that. LOL

Is it worth it?

The kids have been more and more into video games lately. They both have little hand held ones for educational games, but I'm afraid that they are going to get bored with the educational ones. I've been thinking about getting a playstation 3, but they are quite pricey as are the games. I know that Michael would enjoy it along with the kids. My question is, would it be worth it or are there other systems out there that would be more cost effective in the system itself and the games? I so do not know a thing about game systems. It is totally NOT my thing. LOL

I'm bored

Me being bored in NEVER a good thing. I've been designing my dream house. Yes it is wishful thinking, but I can't help it. Heck I even have it decorated all the way down to which Danze faucets I want in each bathroom and the kitchen. I've got the kids' rooms decorated along with my bedroom and the living room. I know that I want 5 bedrooms plus a bonus room or a basement so the kids can have a playroom. A playroom is a MUST!!! OMG!! I'm so tired of the kids having all their toys in their rooms or the living room. The next question is where to build this dream house? Hmmmm. That is a hard question. I have been knocking around the idea of moving to the Boston area. Yes I know I'm nuts, but I loved Boston when I went to visit in March and July. I don't want to live IN Boston, but maybe about 45 minutes or so outside of the city would be nice. Then there is Florida to be closer to my family and staying here in Tennessee where I know the school system my kids will grow up in. Like I said, it's a hard decision. *sigh*

We need a break

I think Michael and I need a vacation alone before this baby comes. I've been looking at things close we can do. I keep going back to Branson Missouri. It is close and they have some really good weekend (and long weekend) packages available. They range from $455/couple to $824/couple. These packages include your room and tickets to some of the shows. Some of them even include food coupons/gift cards. One of them even has a $50 shopping certificate at the outlet mall! Ohhh, a vacation and FREE shopping too? How much better can you get? LOL If we don't want to do a package there are plenty of resorts in the area to choose from too. I like the packages though. I'm also a huge fan of theme parks, but I can't ride the fun rides right now so they would have to wait. I hate to have to miss Silver Dollar City. *sigh* There is plenty of other stuff to do though. Everything from museums, go carts/water rides, and putt-putt golf to exploring caves and caverns. I think Michael and I would enjoy the time away and just the two of us. We don't get that much these days and will get it even less once Sam is born. Ohhh! Just saw on the website where you can enter to win a free vacation. Yep, I entered!! Heehee!!

Ok, so now all we need to do is find somebody who wants to take the kids for a few day! Any takers? LOL

Friday, January 16, 2009

Got on the scale again today.

I'm down another couple pounds. I swear it true. I have to get pregnant to lose weight. LOL Who needs diet pills? LOL Just get me pregnant and I lose it. My doctor says I'll weigh less after Samantha is born than I did when I got pregnant. She doesn't see me gaining what I've lost back in just 3 months. I can't say that I'm upset about that. LOL Nope. I just hope I can continue to lose after she is born. Nursing will help. At least it should. Only time will tell.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

No, thank YOU Knowshon!!

Knowshon Moreno took out a full page ad in the Athens Banner Harald to thank the fans for their support. Very classy!

Again, I have to say thank you Knowshon. It has been a wonderful ride the last couple years. Very exciting. I looked forward to each and every Saturday to watch you run. I wish you all the luck in your NFL career. I'll be watching on Sundays!

Go Dawgs!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Still not sleeping well

It started before Christmas while we were in FL. I thought it was because I wasn't in my bed. Apparently not. I'm back in my bed and have been for over a week, but I'm still not sleeping well. I toss and I turn most of the night. I don't think it's because I'm not comfortable. I don't feel uncomfortable. I just can't sleep. I'm averaging around 4 hours a night if I'm lucky. This is not good for a pregnant woman with 2 kids already. Believe me!! I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I think I'll mention it to her. I don't want to take anything, but maybe she will have some advice to help me sleep. *sigh*

Goodbye #7 and #24! You will be missed!!

Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno announced today that they will be leaving UGA for the NFL. It is a sad day in the Dawg Nation. An end of a wonderful era. We are for sure gonna miss them both on the football field, but I do wish them well in their future endeavors. I didn't watch the news conference because I knew that I'd be crying like a baby. LOL

I hate to see them leave. Really I do. I was hoping for one more year, but regardless they were DAMN GOOD DAWGS on and off the field. I will support them throughout their careers. I just hope they don't end up playing for the Ravens, Colts, or Jags. LOL

I've been hearing that some "fans" are bashing them for their decisions. WTF? Really? Ok idiots you would make the same decision if you were facing it. Don't lie and say you wouldn't. Grow the hell up and support these kids. They have made the last few years of UGA football a lot of fun and incredibly exciting.

Matthew and Knowshon, thank you for the wonderful memories and the amazing highlights! You will be forever in our hearts. GO DAWGS!!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pregnancy makes me feel like an old woman!

The farther along I get the harder it is to get out of the car. The harder it is to get off the couch or out of the rocker. I think I need one of those seat lifts that they make for seniors! ROFLMAO Really it is quite humorous watching me try to get up. And it's only going to get worse. I've been there done that twice already. I KNOW what is coming. *sigh*

Wanna hear another pregnancy complaint? I'm sure you do! I can't sleep!! Ugh! I am averaging about 4 hours of sleep per night. The rest of the night I toss and turn. I guess I could get up to read or even play online, but I'm tired. I WANT to sleep. I just can't. *sigh* I don't remember this happening this early with my other kids. I tell you though. I have got to start sleeping. This has been going on since the week before Christmas and I'm TIRED.

Went washing machine shopping today *sigh*

Got a front loader. It was only $25 more than the top loader so I went for it. I did buy the extended warranty/maintenance plan since it's a lot of computer stuff too. They will come do routine maintenance once a year and if something happens they come for free to fix it and if they can't fix it they replace it. I figured with the stupid washing machine having a mother board it was worth it. LOL I was a little frustrated because it wouldn't fit in the van so I have to have it delivered. Cost me an extra $75 but at least they will take the old one away and I won't have to figure out how to dispose of it.

Is it sad that I'm excited about doing laundry tomorrow? LOL I just hope they don't want to deliver it during the time I have to go out and pick the kids up from school. It says to use a special detergent too because regular detergent will make it bubble too much. Do I really have to buy special detergent or can I just put less of the regular stuff in? I mean I just bought a brand new box of detergent on Friday. I don't want it to go to waste. *sigh*

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I've been folding sweet liittle pink things tonight.

*sigh* I went shopping today and bought some baby stuff that included hats, mittens, gowns, socks, bibs, and onsies. They are so sweet. When Ari was born I didn't allow pink. I'm paying for that now, however, because that is all she wants to wear. I'm trying a different tactic this time. I'm buying all kinds of pink things for Samantha. LOL Do I think it will actually work and she won't be a girly girl? Nope not really, but I do have to say that I'm enjoying buying the pink things. LOL Shhhhh!! Don't tell anyone who really knows me I said that!!!

I'm pretty impatient for Sam to get here. I want to hold her. I don't remember being this impatient with Joshua and Ari. I mean I was excited about them, but not antsy with anticipation like I am with Sam. I wonder if it is because she is my last? Hmmm. I am 6 months pregnant today so not much longer really.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

Well it is 2009. Let's hope that it's better than 2008 in a number of ways. *sigh*

I've noticed that I haven't blogged in a few days. I think I'm in a blog funk. Not sure what the cause is?

I know I have the "need to move" itch that I get after a few years in one place. I hate that feeling especially when I know that it isn't gonna happen anytime soon. *sigh* I've been looking at houses here, in Florida, and in Boston. Can't decide where I want to be. Each place has it's good and bad points. Pessimistically I figure we will be right where we are now this time next year. LOL So much for the itch. LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009!!!