Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is it worth it?

The kids have been more and more into video games lately. They both have little hand held ones for educational games, but I'm afraid that they are going to get bored with the educational ones. I've been thinking about getting a playstation 3, but they are quite pricey as are the games. I know that Michael would enjoy it along with the kids. My question is, would it be worth it or are there other systems out there that would be more cost effective in the system itself and the games? I so do not know a thing about game systems. It is totally NOT my thing. LOL

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jag said...

I really know nothing about the PS3 except that it's expensive and I can't justify buying one just because it has the blu ray player in it, because I don't want to rebuy all my regular dvd movies in blu ray yet.

I know the PS3 has amazing graphics, and there are a lot of awesome strategy games available only for that system (like Little Big Planet, which I would be addicted to in a heartbeat).

If I were getting a system for kids, I probably would consider a Wii. The serious gamers I know aren't big fans of the Wii because a lot of the games aren't as detailed and involved, but I think they're perfect for kids. There's lots of child themed & appropriate games, and you can get most of them used (my friend works at a GameStop and they've got tons). And the Wii keeps you moving instead of sitting on your butt.

None of that is researched, just my observation. The games may totally suck, I haven't played them. But it may be worth looking at.