Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

My baby turned 4 years old today. She is definitely our little princess. When asked what she wanted to wear today she promptly decided on her pretty black and white dress. We had a little family only party today. Arianna had a blast. She did get a little shy when we were singing the birthday song to her though. It was too cute.

Happy Birthday baby girl! I love you!!


Breazy said...

She is precious! How are you and the baby doing? When is your due date again? Those birthdays seem to fly around each year, our eldest child will be 17 in a month and I can't believe it, of course she is tickled over it. :)

Gina Geigley said...

NO WAY!!! She was just a BABY!! Congrats on the new one coming soon!! :)