Saturday, January 17, 2009

We need a break

I think Michael and I need a vacation alone before this baby comes. I've been looking at things close we can do. I keep going back to Branson Missouri. It is close and they have some really good weekend (and long weekend) packages available. They range from $455/couple to $824/couple. These packages include your room and tickets to some of the shows. Some of them even include food coupons/gift cards. One of them even has a $50 shopping certificate at the outlet mall! Ohhh, a vacation and FREE shopping too? How much better can you get? LOL If we don't want to do a package there are plenty of resorts in the area to choose from too. I like the packages though. I'm also a huge fan of theme parks, but I can't ride the fun rides right now so they would have to wait. I hate to have to miss Silver Dollar City. *sigh* There is plenty of other stuff to do though. Everything from museums, go carts/water rides, and putt-putt golf to exploring caves and caverns. I think Michael and I would enjoy the time away and just the two of us. We don't get that much these days and will get it even less once Sam is born. Ohhh! Just saw on the website where you can enter to win a free vacation. Yep, I entered!! Heehee!!

Ok, so now all we need to do is find somebody who wants to take the kids for a few day! Any takers? LOL

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