Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goodbye #7 and #24! You will be missed!!

Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno announced today that they will be leaving UGA for the NFL. It is a sad day in the Dawg Nation. An end of a wonderful era. We are for sure gonna miss them both on the football field, but I do wish them well in their future endeavors. I didn't watch the news conference because I knew that I'd be crying like a baby. LOL

I hate to see them leave. Really I do. I was hoping for one more year, but regardless they were DAMN GOOD DAWGS on and off the field. I will support them throughout their careers. I just hope they don't end up playing for the Ravens, Colts, or Jags. LOL

I've been hearing that some "fans" are bashing them for their decisions. WTF? Really? Ok idiots you would make the same decision if you were facing it. Don't lie and say you wouldn't. Grow the hell up and support these kids. They have made the last few years of UGA football a lot of fun and incredibly exciting.

Matthew and Knowshon, thank you for the wonderful memories and the amazing highlights! You will be forever in our hearts. GO DAWGS!!!!

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