Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Went washing machine shopping today *sigh*

Got a front loader. It was only $25 more than the top loader so I went for it. I did buy the extended warranty/maintenance plan since it's a lot of computer stuff too. They will come do routine maintenance once a year and if something happens they come for free to fix it and if they can't fix it they replace it. I figured with the stupid washing machine having a mother board it was worth it. LOL I was a little frustrated because it wouldn't fit in the van so I have to have it delivered. Cost me an extra $75 but at least they will take the old one away and I won't have to figure out how to dispose of it.

Is it sad that I'm excited about doing laundry tomorrow? LOL I just hope they don't want to deliver it during the time I have to go out and pick the kids up from school. It says to use a special detergent too because regular detergent will make it bubble too much. Do I really have to buy special detergent or can I just put less of the regular stuff in? I mean I just bought a brand new box of detergent on Friday. I don't want it to go to waste. *sigh*


Leesa said...

I have a front loader, and two things I did definitely need :

a laundry basket, because it never fails everything will fall on the floor when you unload..
Yes, use the special soap. The other soaps were too heavy and clogged it up and flooded my basement. It's also a pretty concentrated soap, so you don't usually need as much to do a load :)


Paige said...

Thanks Leesa! I guess I'm going back to the store tomorrow. Does the special soap cost that much more and does it come in like Tide or Gain or other name brands?

monstermash said...

I had to by the HE soap when we were in Florida... I don't think there was a cost difference.

It was pretty important to that complex to use the HE soap, though. They had signs EVERYWHERE not to use regular :)