Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm bored

Me being bored in NEVER a good thing. I've been designing my dream house. Yes it is wishful thinking, but I can't help it. Heck I even have it decorated all the way down to which Danze faucets I want in each bathroom and the kitchen. I've got the kids' rooms decorated along with my bedroom and the living room. I know that I want 5 bedrooms plus a bonus room or a basement so the kids can have a playroom. A playroom is a MUST!!! OMG!! I'm so tired of the kids having all their toys in their rooms or the living room. The next question is where to build this dream house? Hmmmm. That is a hard question. I have been knocking around the idea of moving to the Boston area. Yes I know I'm nuts, but I loved Boston when I went to visit in March and July. I don't want to live IN Boston, but maybe about 45 minutes or so outside of the city would be nice. Then there is Florida to be closer to my family and staying here in Tennessee where I know the school system my kids will grow up in. Like I said, it's a hard decision. *sigh*

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