Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Joshua sings karaoke!

Joshua had a blast singing karaoke on Christmas Eve with my mom. If you want to see the video just click the title above the picture. You will definitely get a kick out of it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Today is Michael's birthday. I won't get to spend much of it with him since he has to work, but I thought I would just take a minute to wish him a Happy Birthday here. He is my one true love and I appreciate all that he does for our family and the love that he saves just for us. We love you Honey and hope that you have a wonderful day!


A picture we can use for Christmas pictures! It is so hard to get them to sit for a picture all together. We were finally able to get one last night. It's not perfect, but I love it!!

My Christmas present has arrived!!

I've wanted a king size bed for so long and now I finally have one. It was delivered yesterday and not long after it got here I was napping. I slept for 2 hours!! It felt great. Now I just have to watch the kids closely because it is much higher than our old bed. If they fall off of this one they will get hurt. Georgia can't jump up on this one and that makes me happy. No more chewing on my pillows or comforter. I can get my down comforter back out. WOOHOO!

It is so big! You can really get lost in it. I had to stretch my arm all the way to reach Michael last night. There is definitely room for the kids when they happen to stumble in with us. I would always get pushed out of the bed when we had our queen. No more!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm in a picture sharing mood tonight!

I swear we don't tell him to make funny faces at the camera!

Apparently she has been watching her brother!

Hey mom, this picture of Ari kinda looks like a picture of me. I can't remember which one, but it sure does look familiar.

Is there any way to get a 2 year old and a 10 month old to cooperate in order to take a nice Christmas picture? If there is, we haven't found it yet. I swear we took 50 pictures and none of them were all that good. Oh well, I guess we try again next weekend.

Christmastime is here!

Look at that face!! Isn't she just too cute? She loves bows. I think all the bows on the gifts under our tree have been torn off. She never bothered the tree until we put the gifts under it and now we can't keep her away from it.
Joshua has decided that all the gifts under the tree are his. He's not interested in the bows! He wants what is inside the wrapping.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Apparently he sleep walks!!

Oh my! This is scary. His daycare teacher came to my classroom this afternoon to inform me that Joshua was sleep walking at nap time today. He got up off of his cot and walked around the room. He never opened his eyes and she put him back on his cot. He never woke up. I guess I will have to put the gate back up. I'm scared he will fall down the stairs now. He has been coming in our room almost every night and I thought he was awake, maybe he isn't.

Saturday, December 03, 2005



Well, we pulled it off. We are the SEC Champions and Sugar Bowl bound. It was a fun game, at least for Georgia fans. No real nail biting drives. No getting on my knees on the floor. I was never really nervous at all, which is actually pretty amazing for me.

It will be sad to see this senior class leave, but now I will have to keep up with them in the NFL. It gets harder and harder to keep up with all the UGA players in the NFL. Just goes to show you what a great program Georgia has.

Thank you Coach Richt and thank you Bulldogs for a great year.

Friday, December 02, 2005

My Bulldogs are going to the championship game tomorrow!

It's not the National Championship game, but I'm happy with the SEC. It IS only the best conference in college football. Okay so I'm a little biased, but hey, I'm entitled.

I'm not all that confident we can beat LSU, but I am hopeful. After all, UT beat them and we beat UT. Looking at all the stats and such we are pretty evenly matched. It should be a good game. Of course I will be sitting in front of my t.v. and biting my nails. (Side can always tell it is football season by looking at my fingernails.) I may even be on my knees on the floor near the end or hiding my face in a pillow during every play and watching the replay. I just wish I could listen to Larry Munson. He makes it even more fun.

I'm excited and nervous, but as always.................GOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!

How do you teach first graders when you have no voice?

This was something that I had to figure out these last 3 days. I completely lost my voice, yet I still went to school. Let me just say that it really isn't easy to teach when you can't talk. The kids loved it and I had very eager interpreters. They were actually pretty well behaved for me not being able to talk. Hey! Maybe I will start whispering all the time so they have to stay quiet and pay attention! LOL

They did enjoy being able to speak for me. They all wanted to be the one who translated to the class and when the office called in on the intercom they all would answer. And, wouldn't you know that while they never usually call me on the intercom, they called a dozen or so times when I couldn't talk.

My voice is much better today although it still goes in and out. I'm just hoping that resting it over the weekend will help and I can talk normally on Monday.