Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who would have ever thought that one person could make such a big difference?

It just doesn't make sense. How could one person being out of the lineup make such a huge difference in the performance of the whole? Since Haynesworth has been injured our defense has absolutely sucked. We can't stop the run. We can't stop the pass. We can't stop anything or anybody. This is really really bad. When is Haynesworth going to be healthy enough to come back? Does anybody know?

Our offense can't seem to get things going either. The last couple games it's been a lot of dropped balls. It's been like watching last year's Georgia Bulldog team with all the dropped passes. It's very frustrating. I know these guys are good or they wouldn't be in the NFL, but come on. Catch the damn ball.

The game today is just plain sad/bad/ugly/pitiful. I won't even go into the penalties. Ugh!!!

Know what I hate about winter?

I hate to get into my car with leather seats in the winter time. They are freezing!! Luckily I have heated seats in my van, but it is still cold getting into the car in the winter.

On the other hand, I don't like getting in during the summer either. Especially with leather seats. There is no way to cool them off and when you are wearing shorts.............well you know how that goes. I have found these very cool things that help cool the interior off while sitting in the hot sun, a car fan. It's solar powered and supposedly keeps the car 30 degrees cooler than it would be without it. This could be a good thing. I may have to try it out.

I feel for those football players......I really do.

They take a lot of abuse. Both physical and verbal. Football fans sure can be fickle. Then they've got 250+ pound men coming at you at full speed. Has to make for a very hard night. I tell you, if I were related/married to one of those guys I would be getting as many life insurance quotes as I possibly could. LOL What they do is dangerous! I'd be getting some long term disability insurance too. I've seen too many football players suffer career ending injuries. I certainly hope that those guys and their families are protected.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


One of the Auburn defenders just got bit (bitten?) on the hand by a K-9 dog in the end zone. Ouch!! Seems that no dogs like the Tigers/War Eagles. LOL I knew Uga didn't, but apparently it isn't just him. LOL

31-17 UGA

Well that is a relief. We beat Tech for the 7th straight year. Whew! I was worried there for awhile. I'll post some stats later. Right now I'm too tired. Stafford, Massaquoi, Bailey, and Brown all had pretty good games. Moreno couldn't get things going tonight, but that's okay. He's had a fantastic year and he is only a freshman. The coming years are going to be a lot of fun!! Now we are done until our bowl game. Right now they are predicting that we go to the Sugar Bowl. There is still a lot of football left though so we will see how that plays out. I hate the time between the last game of the season and the bowl game though. It is never a good thing to have that much time between games.


Talk about crazy games!! UK has the winning field goal blocked.

In our game Tech picks up a fumble to run into the end zone only to fumble it into the end zone giving UGA a first down on the 20. I told you this is a fun season!!

Oh and UKs field goal attempt came after they intercepted Ainge. Did I mention that that game is in OT? 4th overtime right now.

More craziness. UGA touches the ball on a punt and it rolls into the end zone. There is a fight over the ball and UGA end up with it.............touch back. Ugh!! I hate games like this!! It could have so easily been a Tech touchdown.

Well hell. UT pulled it out. Sorry Kentucky. You were so close!

I always bite my nails......

I do it during big football games. Ugh!! I swear as much as I love football I hate it just as much some days. I've been nervous about my Dawgs in today's game against Tech. We aren't playing great football, but we are not playing horribly either. Moreno can't get it going. Brown is running better today. We are down right now 14-10.

The UT/Kentucky game is getting close. I had to stop watching since it was making me mad, but the Wildcats have made a game out of it. I'll keep my eye on that one. ;-) We just have to make it through this one first. *sigh*

I'm waffling on whether or not I want to go to the SEC Championship though. Yeah, I know I should always want to go to our Championship game, but we may be better off if we win this one if we don't go to that game. If we win today we are guaranteed a BCS bowl. If we get to the SEC Championship and lose to LSU then we go to a lesser bowl. Which would I rather do? Both? LOL

Update while I was typing............16-14 Georgia (we missed the point after........ugh!)

It's college game day!!

I have to say that this year has been incredibly fun in college football. It's been a year of upsets with a few teams you don't normally see at the top of the polls. It looks like no one wants that that #1 spot. Or maybe it's just jinxed. LOL The teams riding at #1 seem to get picked off regularly this year. The latest being LSU. They were upset by an unranked Arkansas team yesterday. I won't go into my whole SEC thing here, but on any given Saturday (Friday) any SEC team can beat any other SEC team regardless of rank. ;-)

Today should be an interesting day. This being an "upset" season has me a little nervous about my Dawgs today. We play Georgia Tech (those pesky bugs). It has the potential to be an upset as we are only favored by like 3.5. Another game of note for my Dawgs is the UT/Kentucky game. We need for Kentucky to deal a knock out punch to UT so we can get to Atlanta again next week for the SEC Championship game against LSU. There is a chance with a win today by my Dawgs we can make it to the National Championship game, BUT a lot of things need to happen. I do not expect that one. If you want to see the scenarios you can go to Ching's Georgia Bulldog Blog and have a look. I'll be keeping my eye on those games though even if I don't expect it to happen. I just can't help myself. LOL

Have fun today folks. I know I will!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm with him!!

It totally ticks me off that Comcast no longer has NFL Network. Well, unless you want to pay extra for it. It's unfair. I love football and yet I am missing games because some idiot at a cable company wants to make more money. Like they don't take enough of my money just so I can watch tv already. Apparently I'm not the only one who is upset about it. Seems that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is not happy about it either. He is urging people to leave cable companies who no longer offer NFL Network for either their cable competitors or satellite. I think I may have to check into that myself. Anyone have any recommendations? I need a provider who does internet too since I'm spoiled with my really fast connection! LOL

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm guessing it's too early......

After last night's loss to Denver, I'm guessing that it is too early to be reserving my Superbowl tickets, huh? LOL I'm a huge football fan. Yeah, I'm sure you didn't know that. ;-) I watch football all day on Saturday and Sunday. I even watch on Thursday and Monday. I love football season and hate it when it's over. I've been to some pretty big college games in the past. I've even been to some big NFL games. However, I've never been able to go to the Super Bowl. I would love to go to the Super Bowl. I don't think I even care who is playing (well maybe not the Colts or the Pats.........or the Ravens LOL). I think I would have a blast.

You know that "Save Mommy's Sanity" vacation I want to go on?

I'm still dreaming. LOL I think I want to go to Colorado. I've seen some really nice pictures from there recently and it just looks gorgeous. I want a cabin in the mountains with the snow falling all around. I want to sit in a luxurious robe with a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall. I want a romantic fire burning in the fireplace. Did I mention that I would like for my wonderful husband to be there with me? I think we both need a little time together to reconnect. I'm sure if you have kids you know all about that need.

Before we go though (I say that like it's already planned. LOL) I'd like to get some new Samsonite luggage. Why you ask? Well, we have no matching pieces. Yes that is important. We need a "set" of matching luggage. LOL And the there is the fact that I just love luggage. LOL Makes me feel like I am a world traveler to have a nice set of luggage.

Computers are really a mystery to me.

I play on a computer everyday. I have his blog and have many blogs that I read daily. I am addicted to my favorite mommy message board. But, when it comes to anything technical on this thing I am completely clueless. I am trying to figure out the whole uploading of music on my new MP3 player. I still have problems transferring pictures from the camera to the computer. I did figure it out on one of our cameras, but the other one is still a mystery to me. LOL Having said all that I have a question. I would like to find a new bigger (as in holds more pictures) memory card for our digital cameras. Will the micro sd work for that or do I need to look somewhere else?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This has to be the sexiest Bon Jovi video I've ever seen.

At least in recent memory. It is 'Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore' with Leann Rimes. You have to watch all the way to the end to get to the sexy part. ;-) O....M....G!! HOT!! Can I just say that I love that man? *sigh*

Sorry Honey! ;-)

It wasn't pretty, but it was a win.

You can't always ask for pretty wins. We didn't get one yesterday. I'm just happy we pulled it out. Our defense played really well and kept us in the game. Our offense played better in the second half, but man oh man that first half was ugly. We ended up with 4 turnovers. How we won with 4 turnovers (2interceptions 2 fumbles) I'll never know. Oh wait! Our defense! They helped out a lot there. LOL

Here are some stats from the game:
1. 283 total yards (184 rushing 99 passing)
2. Knowshon broke 100 yards again. He had 136.
3. Thomas Brown had 78 rushing yards.
4. Heck, even Stafford had 10 for a TD. LOL
5. Asher Allen had an 82 yard kickoff return to start the game (that was fun!! To bad we fumbled it before we could score).

I know I don't talk much about our defense, but I think I should start. We have a freshman who is fantastic. Rennie Curran. Yesterday he had 12 solo tackles. All year this kid just seems to be all over the place. He always knows where the ball is and it gets to it fast! If he stays healthy is going to get better and better.

I'm sure there is much more to talk about, but I've got kids demanding my attention. LOL Ahhh, the joys of parenthood. ;-)

Next up for my Dawgs......................those pesky Bees. For those of you who don't know that is the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. They are looking to ruin our season. We are looking to squash them. Should be a fun game.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I thought Vandy was going to pull it off. They missed a field goal right there at the end that would have won them the game and my Dawgs a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship. Now I guess I have to pull for Kentucky next week. Ugh! I was so hoping it would be over this weekend. *sigh*


Man I love to watch this kid run!

At the start of the 4th quarter Knowshon Moreno already has over 100 yards. He is so fun to watch. Most of those yards came in the last half of the 2nd quarter and the 3rd quarter. Keep giving him the ball Coach, keep giving him the ball!!

10 minutes away from kickoff

My Dawgs play Kentucky today and we are 10 minutes away from kickoff as I type this. I have to wonder how we are going to play. It is Senior Day so the team should be hyped. Coach Richt isn't calling for anything special from the fans this week. Well other than getting in the stands early and being loud. That was never an issue when I was least for me. I was always in the stands early. LOL I refused to miss kickoff.

This game could really go either way, but considering that this should be a revenge game since they beat us last year and they beat up on our QB we should be all over these guys from the start.

This should be all the motivation our boys need. Our QB should never look like this after a game. EVER!! I hear that Coach Richt took MS to see the O line afterwards to show them. I'm sure this picture was posted in the locker room for all to see this week.

It is time!! GOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!

WOOHOO! We start with an 80+ yard kickoff return!! Way to go Asher Allen!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Do people really not have checking accounts these day? I've known people in the past who didn't have checking accounts, but they have since succumbed and opened one. I was talking with a friend today and she says they do not have one and haven't had one in a very long time. They have no plans to open one either. They pay for everything with cash. I just don't think I could do it. I couldn't pay bills online. I would have to go get money orders for all our bills. It is hard enough for me to find time to sit down and make out the bills I don't pay online and then go to the post office to mail them. I couldn't imagine having to find time to go get money orders on top of that. I think I'll stick with my checking account.

Exercise. I need exercise!!

I have started this so many times that I've lost count. I always start out great and then something happens. I get a cold or I hurt something or my knee starts acting up. I have to take a break and then getting started again is so difficult. Not only that, but finding the time to go do it at a gym or someplace is pretty much out. Michael works second shift so he isn't home in the evenings so I can get out. I can't take the kids with me. I cannot get into doing videos alone. I think I need to invest in a treadmill. I don't mind walking on a treadmill. I like to walk and I could even continue to do it when the weather was bad. Now if I only had the space in my house for one. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's getting to be that time of year.

The time for a nice fire in the fireplace. Sitting in front of a fire has always been on of my favorite things to do during the winter. It just reminds me so much of home. My grandparents didn't have central heat and air. I remember lying in bed waiting for my grandfather to go start a fire before braving the cold myself to make the trek to the living room. In those days you started fires with kindling and real wood. When I was a little older they came out with the gas logs. Those were nice and easy with no clean up. As a teenager I liked those better just because I was pretty lazy and while I still loved to sit in front of a fire I didn't like the clean up that went along with it. Now they have thia really cool thing called fire glass. It is really pretty and still low maintenance, but you know I think I prefer the real wood thing. LOL The smell. The memories it evokes. The only problem is................I'm still pretty lazy and don't want to deal with the clean up. LOL

I'm still in need of a vacation

I'm thinking someplace close though. I'd love to go to Vegas, but I just don't think it's doable. Something closer is definitely in order. Maybe someplace like Branson Missouri. It's not that far from here and there is a lot to do. I could go see some of the great country music stars from long ago. You know, the ones I grew up listening to. They also have a great theme park in Silver Dollar City. I love roller coasters so when on vacation it's always a plus to find a place that has one.

So, I'm still taking donates for the "Save Mommy's Sanity" fund. Care to contribute? ;-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You come. Your read. You leave. But........

You don't leave comments. I've had more hits on my blog in the last 3 days than I've ever had. On Sunday I had over 300 hits. I've never had that many in one day. They all came from searches for UGA/Auburn blackout pictures. I posted a link to some good ones from the AJC. The only problem with all those visits is that no one (okay almost no one) left me a comment. No, I don't write this thing for comments, but you would think with that many people looking in someone would say hi. LOL

Even if you don't leave a comment...................welcome and enjoy. I'm not all that interesting, but hopefully you will come back. ;-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

They just look like they are having fun. I love it!!

Here is a YouTube video of highlights from Saturday's UGA/Auburn Blackout game. I can't get enough of it. LOL Not only have I watched this video a couple times, but I am right now watching the replay of the game on On Demand. Yes, I realize that I am nuts. ;-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

She just looks all sweet. LOL

She really is mess. She has her sweet moments, but they come few and far between. I guess she has to be a little more.........ummmmmm........................unsweet to deal with a big brother. LOL

Here are a few great pics from yesterday's UGA/Auburn Blackout game.

You have to go here and click on "photos" to see them. I couldn't figure out how to save them to my computer so I could post individual ones. I'm still looking around for some though so you can check back later if you don't want to take the time to click. ;-) I can't promise anything though.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dang I'm having a great night!!

Not only did my Dawgs kick ass tonight, but now I am watching Bon Jovi on A&E. I get a whole hour of Bon Jovi for free!!

It doesn't get much better!!

I love football (bet you didn't know that!! LOL)

Hee hee!! I'm just giddy! I'm so happy that we have finally beaten the hated Gators and the Tigers/War Eagles (does this annoy anyone else? LOL) in the same season. Plus we beat Auburn at home (not done often by either team..............winning at home against the other). It makes this Dawg fan a very happy girl. ;-)

Now I'm wanting to read some of my favorite UGA bloggers and they aren't posting. I know that most of them were probably at the game and are now out celebrating, but dang it............I need someone to share my elation with!!! LOL


WOOHOO!!!!!! The Blackout worked!!

My Dawgs pulled this one out. I was beginning to wonder there for a few minutes. We let Auburn get ahead of us, but then scored 21 points in about a 7 minute span. The final? 45-20. This is the first time we've beat both Florida and Auburn in the same season since 1982. Yeah you read that right. It really has been that long. I'm glad that streak is over!! LOL

This was a fun game to watch. Okay, so I wasn't real happy when we let the Tigers go ahead, but overall it was fun. I kinda liked the black in Sanford Stadium and the jerseys looked good. The team looked like they were having a good time. I think I like this new Coach Richt. LOL The boys aren't the only ones who look like they are having fun out there these days.

Some stats from the game:

1. Stafford was 11 of 19 for 238 yards and 2 touchdowns.
2. Moreno was 22 for 102 on the ground with 2 touchdowns.
3. Brown was 14 for 80 on the ground with 1 touchdown.
4. Bailey had 4 catches for 96 yards with 1 touchdown.
5. Massaquoi had 1 catch for 58 yards with 1 touchdown (that one was fun.)
6. Our defense had 4 interceptions (Johnson 2, Evans 1, Flowers 1).

Unfortunately UT won there game. *sigh* Not all is lost though. They still have 2 more SEC games to go. My Dawgs still have a chance. ;-)

Wow! The fans complied and it looks great!!

As most of you know, the UGA seniors asked Coach Richt to request of the fans to wear all black for todays game. A Blackout. The fans have listened and Sanford Stadium looks awesome. It was speculated that the team would come out in black jerseys, but no one knew for sure. The ran out of the tunnel in black jerseys. They look pretty cool too. I can't get over how different it looks between the hedges right now.

Apparently the team didn't know until today that they were wearing the black jerseys.

WOOOHOOOO!! First play from scrimmage for Auburn and first play of the game...............INTERCEPTION!!!! Let's go DAWGS!!!!!!

Here is a picture of what is usually looks like between the hedges.

Here is what it looked like today between the hedges. (Sorry for the size difference. This is the only one I could find. This one I got over at the Bulldawg Blawg and they got it from It is a photoshopped photo. There aren't any online yet of what it actually looked like. At least none that I can find. This one is pretty darn close to what is did look like though. Pretty cool, huh? Very different than what the Dawg Nation is used to seeing. I liked it!! I prefer the red, but once in a while this would be cool.)

Even Uga was wearing black today. I don't have a picture of that though. I'll have to try and find one.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I love flowers

I've had weddings on the brain quite a bit recently. I have no idea why I've been thinking about weddings. It's not like I didn't have one. I had a very nice one. It didn't cost a lot of money, but that was because I have family members who know people. LOL I think the most expensive things in my wedding were my dress and the flowers. And of those two things the flowers were the most expensive. I didn't mind spending the money on my wedding flowers though. I love flowers and mine were beautiful.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did I mention?

I don't think I blogged about the hell that Michael and I have gone through this past week with both kids having Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. HFM is by far the worst thing I have dealt with since becoming a parent. They get blisters on the inside of their mouths, on their hands, on their feet, and sometimes around their nether regions. It is incredibly painful. They can't eat (like my kids can afford to not eat for long periods of time...........they already don't eat much). The doctor prescribed hydrocodone for the pain. Yeah, that was my thought too. That is some major pain medicine for a 2 and 4 year old. I was really nervous about giving it to them since I am allergic to codeine myself. I gave it to them a couple of times. Ari had me cracking up when she had it. She got the giggles and was just giggling at every single thing. I couldn't stop laughing myself. I felt like a bad mommy. LOL Anyway, they are finally feeling better. Today was the first day that they were both back at school. HFM can last from 7-10 days. Michael is happy they are back so he can get some sleep now. LOL Can't say that I blame him much.

One good thing did come out of this whole horrible sickness. We are now paci free!!! Yep, her mouth hurt too much to take her paci for several days and she just hasn't asked for it since. I'm not offering either. It's not how I would have wanted to become paci free, but at least it is done.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Well that was fun

Okay so not really. I got home today with the beginnings of what I have recently diagnosed as a migraine. I lie down on the couch and all of a sudden I hear screaming from the other room. Not just any regular everyday scream, but an "I'm in major pain" scream. Joshua comes running into the living room with his hand covering his left eye. I pull the hand away to see blood dripping from a cut just under his eye. Oh boy. I get it to stop bleeding, but it is still swollen and ugly and I can't tell how deep the cut actually is. I get him some ice to put on it while I call the doctor to see what they recommend that I do. Of course they think I should bring him in. Okay that's fine. Now I have to call Michael to bring me the van with the car seats. I call the doctor back to make an appointment and they only have a 5:45pm available. No problem really...................until the storms come through. Why is it that storms always pick the worst times to hit? As we are about to walk out the door I hear that our county is under a tornado warning (side note: what the heck? This is November right?). Not only that, but there is "significant rotation" detected less than a mile from us. Needless to say we didn't leave right then. We waited until the wind died down and the tornado warning had expired. I call the doctor to let her know that we will be a little late. We finally get to her office and she looks at Joshua poor little face. She determines that it's not serious enough for stitches and doesn't really need the glue either. Luck for us, huh? She told me how to best clean the wound and we leave. He's going to be fine and probably no scar. He's very lucky that the stick (yes, I'm a bad mom. I let my kid play with sticks) he was playing with did not go into his eye when he fell. The stick is now confiscated. LOL

It is now 9:20pm and Joshua is asleep and my migraine is still present. I'm hoping that it goes away before tomorrow and that Joshua's shiner isn't too bad. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Michael took one when he got here with the van, but he also took the camera back to work with him.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I hate it when my games aren't televised.

I didn't get to watch the UGA/Troy game on Saturday. Well, I haven't watched it yet. I'll get it on On Demand one day this week though. Right now I'm having to rely on the internet to see how my boys played. We won 44-34. A win is always good. LOL Here are some other stats from the game.

1. Stafford was 17 of 29 for 217 yards. He spread the ball around too throwing to 10 different receivers.
2. Moreno rushed 26 times for 196 yards with 3 TDs. He had an 80 yard run which is the longest in 10 years. (Haven't I said it before? I love watching this kid run!!)
3. 244 rushing yards total.
4. Moreno became the first freshman running back at UGA since Hershel Walker to run for 1000 yards in his freshman year.
5. Our defense had 2 interceptions.

Looks like it was a pretty good game. Lots of fumbles though. I'll watch one day this week and see for myself.

On another football note.................did anyone see the Arkansas/South Carolina game? OMG!! That Darren McFadden is one heck of a runner!! He racked up 323 yards. Yes, folk that was in one game. That is an SEC record. He also helped himself in the Heisman race with that performance. I have to say that I'm glad we don't have to play them this year. LOL

Next up for UGA? We have Auburn. I have to say that I'm not overly confident about this game. Odds are against us for a win. For one we are playing at home. With this series the away team has a tendency to win. I don't understand that and it is very frustrating. We also haven't beat both Florida and Auburn in the same season in a very long time. I'm hoping that we can pull it off though and of course that the Vols lose big time or just by one. Heck I don't care how they lose as long as they do. LOL

Friday, November 02, 2007

Yay!! It's the weekend!!

I have to say that as a teacher I hate the week of Halloween. The days leading up to the holiday are crazy because the kids are so excited. The days following the holiday are crazy because the kids are all hyped up on sugar. It makes for a week from hell classroom management wise. I didn't know if any of us would make it through today. I'm tired now. I'm also feeling somewhat overwhelmed with kindergarten. It's a huge long story that I will save for another day, but I will say that kindergarten is hard.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whine, cry, fight, scream

That is all I've heard since I got home from school today. I'm not sure what is up with my children, but for hours all they have done is fight. Joshua will hit Ari. Ari will scream and cry. Joshua will whine when I put him in time out. When he gets out of time out they repeat the whole thing. They are driving me crazy. I know that it is mostly due to them being out of school all this week sick and only having each other to play with, but I swear if I hear one more scream or whine I am going to snap. I think I need to book one of those really nice Las Vegas hotels and go on a vacation. Anyone want to donate to the "Save Mommy's Sanity" fund?