Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who would have ever thought that one person could make such a big difference?

It just doesn't make sense. How could one person being out of the lineup make such a huge difference in the performance of the whole? Since Haynesworth has been injured our defense has absolutely sucked. We can't stop the run. We can't stop the pass. We can't stop anything or anybody. This is really really bad. When is Haynesworth going to be healthy enough to come back? Does anybody know?

Our offense can't seem to get things going either. The last couple games it's been a lot of dropped balls. It's been like watching last year's Georgia Bulldog team with all the dropped passes. It's very frustrating. I know these guys are good or they wouldn't be in the NFL, but come on. Catch the damn ball.

The game today is just plain sad/bad/ugly/pitiful. I won't even go into the penalties. Ugh!!!


SoCal Sal said...

I guess there will be no wagers when we play you?

paige said...

Ha! Not with the way we are playing right now. No way!! I'm not stupid!! LOL

SoCal Sal said...

LOL, no your not! Just thought I would check.

Michael said...

The issues on offense have been there all year and will continue to be there as long as we have recievers who drop passes. And unless Fisher and company draft some wide recievers, it won't get any better any time soon. But that's the JF philosophy--run first, play strong defense. He only opened it up when Eddie was injured and he had to with McNair. If not for that, McNair isn't MVP.

As for the defense...I have no idea. But Big Albert needs to get over it and get himself out there and play.