Saturday, November 17, 2007

10 minutes away from kickoff

My Dawgs play Kentucky today and we are 10 minutes away from kickoff as I type this. I have to wonder how we are going to play. It is Senior Day so the team should be hyped. Coach Richt isn't calling for anything special from the fans this week. Well other than getting in the stands early and being loud. That was never an issue when I was least for me. I was always in the stands early. LOL I refused to miss kickoff.

This game could really go either way, but considering that this should be a revenge game since they beat us last year and they beat up on our QB we should be all over these guys from the start.

This should be all the motivation our boys need. Our QB should never look like this after a game. EVER!! I hear that Coach Richt took MS to see the O line afterwards to show them. I'm sure this picture was posted in the locker room for all to see this week.

It is time!! GOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!

WOOHOO! We start with an 80+ yard kickoff return!! Way to go Asher Allen!!!

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