Saturday, November 24, 2007

I always bite my nails......

I do it during big football games. Ugh!! I swear as much as I love football I hate it just as much some days. I've been nervous about my Dawgs in today's game against Tech. We aren't playing great football, but we are not playing horribly either. Moreno can't get it going. Brown is running better today. We are down right now 14-10.

The UT/Kentucky game is getting close. I had to stop watching since it was making me mad, but the Wildcats have made a game out of it. I'll keep my eye on that one. ;-) We just have to make it through this one first. *sigh*

I'm waffling on whether or not I want to go to the SEC Championship though. Yeah, I know I should always want to go to our Championship game, but we may be better off if we win this one if we don't go to that game. If we win today we are guaranteed a BCS bowl. If we get to the SEC Championship and lose to LSU then we go to a lesser bowl. Which would I rather do? Both? LOL

Update while I was typing............16-14 Georgia (we missed the point after........ugh!)

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