Saturday, November 24, 2007


Talk about crazy games!! UK has the winning field goal blocked.

In our game Tech picks up a fumble to run into the end zone only to fumble it into the end zone giving UGA a first down on the 20. I told you this is a fun season!!

Oh and UKs field goal attempt came after they intercepted Ainge. Did I mention that that game is in OT? 4th overtime right now.

More craziness. UGA touches the ball on a punt and it rolls into the end zone. There is a fight over the ball and UGA end up with it.............touch back. Ugh!! I hate games like this!! It could have so easily been a Tech touchdown.

Well hell. UT pulled it out. Sorry Kentucky. You were so close!

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Beth said...

I know how you feel. We are getting ready to kick off the Iron Bowl here in Bama. It's going to a tense game around here.