Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wow! The fans complied and it looks great!!

As most of you know, the UGA seniors asked Coach Richt to request of the fans to wear all black for todays game. A Blackout. The fans have listened and Sanford Stadium looks awesome. It was speculated that the team would come out in black jerseys, but no one knew for sure. The ran out of the tunnel in black jerseys. They look pretty cool too. I can't get over how different it looks between the hedges right now.

Apparently the team didn't know until today that they were wearing the black jerseys.

WOOOHOOOO!! First play from scrimmage for Auburn and first play of the game...............INTERCEPTION!!!! Let's go DAWGS!!!!!!

Here is a picture of what is usually looks like between the hedges.

Here is what it looked like today between the hedges. (Sorry for the size difference. This is the only one I could find. This one I got over at the Bulldawg Blawg and they got it from It is a photoshopped photo. There aren't any online yet of what it actually looked like. At least none that I can find. This one is pretty darn close to what is did look like though. Pretty cool, huh? Very different than what the Dawg Nation is used to seeing. I liked it!! I prefer the red, but once in a while this would be cool.)

Even Uga was wearing black today. I don't have a picture of that though. I'll have to try and find one.

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