Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sammie picture!

We've had a busy few days. First there was Bon Jovi. Then the Kids' Marathon. Plus we took pictures of Sammie. Well I guess I should say that my friend, Lisa, took pictures of Sammie. She got some really good ones. Here are 3 I can show you now. I'll post more when she finishes touching them up.

My marathon boy!!

For the last few weeks Joshua has been running after school with the Stoner Creek running club. They would run 1 mile everyday. Finally on Friday they ran their last mile at the Country Music Kids' Marathon. I was so proud of him.

Here is a picture of him after the race with his medal.

Bon Jovi in Nashville!!

Wow, what a night!!!! We had the most amazing seats. We were inside the circle on row 6 which is the last row. Our seats were on the aisle. Jon and the band walk down the aisle to get to the outside of the circle. During Loves the Only Rule he walks down singing with fans. Unfortunately he didn't stop on our side to sing, but we were able to touch him!! Did you hear what I just said??? I TOUCHED HIM!!!!!! OMG!!! I've never been that close before. It was absolutely amazing!!!!!! My friend, Lisa, took some great pictures that I am sharing. Plus there is a picture I found online where you can see me as Jon is singing on the outside of the circle.

Here are the Jovi Southern Belles. We all met up before the show for dinner at Past Perfect.

This was taken by some unknown (to me) person from outside the circle. Can you find me?? Look right up against the stage on the left. My arm is in the air.

Ohhh!! KISSY LIPS!!!

More kissy lips. Heehee!


He just makes me smile.

Here is a video of Loves the Only Rule. You can see the back of my head and me touching his arm at around the 8 min mark. ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love Bon Jovi????

Click the link below and join Backstage with JBJ. It's THE official fan club of the band. Don't miss out on the fun. Or getting concert tickets before they go on sale to the public. I got my inner circle tickets that way. ;)

Plus, if you join through this link I could win cool stuff. Including being tour manager for a day!! Umm..................if you know me at all you know how much I would LOVE that!! LOL

Backstage with JBJ

Saturday, April 03, 2010

1st ever trip to the ER

So yesterday we spent 4 hours at the zoo. We walked around. We ate lunch. The kids played on the playground. All with no injuries. Then we get home. Joshua wanted to go running (he has joined the running club at school and is.........or should I say WAS..........all excited about it). So he gets his running clothes on and Michael takes him running. A little while later I get a call. "Joshua ran into a pole at the tennis court. He is bleeding. I don't know how serious it is, but you might want to have the first aid supplies ready." Yeah that's a call every mom wants. GAH!

They get home and this is what he looks like. :(

I cleaned him up to get a better look at the cut only to determine that this one required a trip to the ER. He was not happy about that. Up until that point he had been very brave. Only crying when it first happened. He didn't want to go to the hospital. He didn't want to have to get stitches. He didn't like needles. I tried to calm him down assuring him that he might NOT have to have stitches that they might be able to glue it. He was OK with that. LOL

Luckily when we got to the ER there was no one there. They took us right on back. He looked so pitiful lying on that gurney though.

The nurse came in first and they put some stuff on it to numb it just in case they did have to stitch it. He looked really pitiful then.
He fell asleep soon after. He was cold so they brought him a nice warm blanket and he immediately went to sleep. He slept until the dr came in to take a look. To our great relief they decided that glue would do the trick. With the nurse's help they got him all fixed up. The dr checked his eyes and ears and asked him some questions to make sure he didn't have a more serious problem (concussion). He checked out fine so they brought him a Popsicle and let us go home.

This is him a few hours later. Looks like he's going to have a nice shiner. He is very excited about going back to school on Monday now. He wants to tell his friends all about his injury. He still looked pretty pitiful. He had a bad headache as you can imagine.

He doesn't look as bad this morning as I thought he would and we have been told by several men that "chicks dig scars" so its all good I guess. LOL