Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bon Jovi in Nashville!!

Wow, what a night!!!! We had the most amazing seats. We were inside the circle on row 6 which is the last row. Our seats were on the aisle. Jon and the band walk down the aisle to get to the outside of the circle. During Loves the Only Rule he walks down singing with fans. Unfortunately he didn't stop on our side to sing, but we were able to touch him!! Did you hear what I just said??? I TOUCHED HIM!!!!!! OMG!!! I've never been that close before. It was absolutely amazing!!!!!! My friend, Lisa, took some great pictures that I am sharing. Plus there is a picture I found online where you can see me as Jon is singing on the outside of the circle.

Here are the Jovi Southern Belles. We all met up before the show for dinner at Past Perfect.

This was taken by some unknown (to me) person from outside the circle. Can you find me?? Look right up against the stage on the left. My arm is in the air.

Ohhh!! KISSY LIPS!!!

More kissy lips. Heehee!


He just makes me smile.

Here is a video of Loves the Only Rule. You can see the back of my head and me touching his arm at around the 8 min mark. ;)

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Christe said...

I was in row 5 right in front of you! I found myself in the pic, I knew it was Hallelujah because I am crying in the pic! I always cry with that song.