Friday, March 28, 2008

So glad it's Friday

Whew. What a rough week. We went back to school this week. I'm tired. For some reason during spring break my kids decided to let me sleep until about 9am everyday. Yeah that was wonderful. I'm regretting it now though. Getting up at 5am is killing me!!! I hope I get back into the swing of things by next week. I'm not sure I can take another week like this one. Not only was I tired, but the kids in my class were incredibly uncooperative this week. They couldn't stop talking for anything. It was driving me crazy. I needed the weekend to get here. Now I'm just waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can have a little quiet time for myself. Ahhhhhh!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not dealing well today

Okay, I'm really not dealing well with my kids today. I have a massive headache (thinking maybe I need caffeine) and they have not napped at all in 2 weeks. I'm tired. They're tired. It's not a good combination. I'm not even getting quiet time like I normally do. They will not stay in the other room watching a video even. I'm feeling like a horrible parent with all the yelling I'm doing today. I just want them to give me an hour of quiet time. That's all. Is that so hard? It's almost 5pm and that means only 2 hours until quiet time before bed. I'm counting down the hours. Does that make me a bad mommy?

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Ours is kinda quiet today. The Easter Bunny dropped of the baskets and the kids loved them. They've been watching the DVDs that Mr. Bunny put in their baskets. We colored eggs, but they didn't want to go on an egg hunt. Which is really fine with me. It is cold outside today. They won't eat the eggs either so I guess I'm stuck with egg salad all week. LOL No problem though. I like egg salad. ;-) Michael had to go to work so it is just a quiet lazy day around the house.

Yesterday was Joshua's first t-ball game. He had a blast. Granddad, Aunt Marette, and Bubba came to watch. Joshua hit the ball really well and "scored" twice. LOL They don't really keep score for t-ball, but he was able to round the bases twice. It was cold though and by the end he was ready to go home. Poor little guy was freezing. Momma was too!!

Tomorrow it is back to work for me. *sigh* I've been on spring break for 2 weeks and now I'm spoiled. I don't want to go back to work. LOL Only 9 more weeks until summer break though so I'm sure I can make it. Not to mention I've got a Bon Jovi concert (didn't think you could get away with not having to read about that did ya?) on April 24 to look forward to. I can't wait!! My friend Lisa (you'll remember I went to the Mohegan show with her) is flying in for that one. We are going to have too much fun!!!

Who needs diamonds?

Who needs diamonds when you can have these beautiful Akoya pearls? Aren't they absolutely beautiful? I love pearls. They are so elegant and classy. I don't have the opportunity to wear them much, but I love them. I think that every woman needs to own at least one strand of pearls. The salt water ones are my favorites. I do own a strand of pearls. I used to have a strand of Tahitian pearls, but they got stolen. I really really want another strand of those. They were beautiful. I miss them. *sigh*

Oh and for the record...........I still need the diamonds too. ;-)

So I've been walking on the treadmill everyday.

I was going to do this really quietly, but you know me.......I can't keep anything to myself. LOL I've been trying to lose weight again. For the past 2 weeks I've been walking on the treadmill everyday. I walk on average three miles in about an hour. While I haven't noticed a difference in my body really, I have noticed that I feel much better. That is good, right? I was wondering though if I should be using the strength equipment that is in our gym? I haven't so far. Would it help in he weight loss goal? Is it really necessary? I have an exercise ball at home that I've been using too for my upper body. Just wondering if I should be doing more. Are there any personal trainers out there who would like to help me................for free? ;-)

When we move and buy a new house.

I've decided that when we buy a new house I want to have an entertainment room. I want to have home theater seating and a huge flat screen plasma TV mounted on the wall. I want it to be complete with the home theater sconces. You know, the light fixtures. I want them to say something about football of course. I want surround sound for the movies and the games. I have it all designed in my head. Do we do a lot of entertaining? No not really. Okay so we don't do any entertaining, but it would still be fun for us. I'm sure the kids would love watching Dora or Scooby Doo on there and I know I would love to watch Pirates and my football games. It's a dream so let me have it! LOL

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm sure Michael can relate.

A friend's husband came up with this little funny. He altered the original cartoon to fit his situation. See Honey, you aren't the only one! ;-)

What do you workout to?

What is on your iPod? I bet you can't guess in a million years what is on mine! LOL I've been walking on the treadmill to Bon Jovi (yeah bet you never guessed that!). I've found that it makes the time go by so much faster and easier. I like the faster rockin' songs to keep me going, but I like the slower ones too. I tend to kinda meditate through them and my heart rate goes down. It's a good combination. I just put my little Sony Walkman on the Jovi shuffle and take off. I'm loving it.

If anyone knows of or has a treadmill they want to get rid of (preferably for free) please let me know. I could use one.

I need some new shoes!

Yes I have more than any woman should right now in my closet, but I need more!! Standing on my feet all day teaching is killing my feet and legs. I wear tennis shoes most days because they are the most comfortable, but they don't always look good with whatever I'm wearing. I need something I can wear that looks good and is comfortable. I've been looking at the Dansko clogs. They don't look bad and they look like they would be comfortable. Do you have a favorite pair of very comfy shoes that don't leave your feet and legs tired after standing all day? If so, let me know.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who would have thought?

My mom has been on a cruise since last Saturday. While on the cruise she entered a karaoke contest. Well..................SHE WON!!!!!! Who would have thought? I'm so proud of her. I guess all that practice at family gatherings has paid off!! Way to go Momma!!!!

Here is a video of her singing from several years ago. It is focused on Joshua, but she is the one singing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 4 year old plays t-ball.

Spring is here!!

Whew. Now I'm tired.

I spent the entire day on Sunday cleaning out my closet. I gathered 7 bags (yes 7 large bags) of clothes that will go to Goodwill. I then went to buy some of those cheap 3 drawer plastic drawers to put in the closet. I put a shelf in there as well. I took all of our clothes out of the dresser and chest of drawers and they are going in the dumpster. They are about 15 years old and have been moved more times than I care to count so they are falling apart. I refuse to move them again so we're just going to use these plastic things until we move and I find something I like. It opened up quite a bit of room in the bedroom though so that was good. Now I need to find something to do with all the shoes in there. I hate those over the door shoe racks though. We had one and it just didn't work for me. Anyone have any ideas for shoes. There isn't a lot of room left in the closet.

I still have a few things that I want to do in the house for spring cleaning, but for the most part I'm done. Only problem is now I don't want the kids to play in the living room and I don't want to use the kitchen. LOL They looks so nice it almost hurts my heart to get them messed up. *sigh*

Friday, March 14, 2008


My best friend just finished remodeling her house. She has been working on it for quite awhile now. The last room was the kitchen. She hated the cabinets that came in the house so decided that they must be replaced. I had to agree. The ones in there were horrible. She ended up going to the directbuy store. She now has the most beautiful cabinets and she didn't pay an outrageous price for them. That place is amazing. LOL I was looking online at some of the cabinets and I fell in love with several designs. You better believe if I ever need new cabinets I will be going there. :-)

I'm attempting it.............again.

Yep, once again I've decided to try and lose some weight and get into better shape. I started this week going to walk on the treadmill in the health center here at the apartment complex. I've been eating better this week and I've come off of Coke........cold turkey. That has been the hardest part so far. I'm having major headaches. So far I've only walked on the treadmill, but I think I may try the ellipticals tomorrow. It can't hurt to use more than one piece of equipment. The weather is getting nicer so I should be able to start walking outside after school soon. If not, I guess I can try to go to the health center after school with the kids. I just have to be sure to take plenty of toys to keep them busy and off of the equipment. I'll try it anyway. If it doesn't work I guess I'll just have to wait for days when Michael is off or the weather is good enough to walk outside. Wish me luck!!

Know anything about golf?

I figure since we are thinking of moving to Florida we should at least try golf. I've never been. Well, I take that back. In college I would drive the golf cart for friends, but I never played. LOL I like putt-putt though. Does that count? I've heard that clubs can be pretty expensive though. What are good one? Do you have to have really good ones to really be good at it? What are the best ones? I have a friend who really likes his Cobra golf clubs. He wouldn't use anything else. I just don't know. Maybe I should go to a driving range first to see if I should even attempt it. LOL

The ball is rolling

I've started filling out applications to teach in Florida. It's very scary really. The thought of starting over in a new school system and making new friends. I'm comfortable here. LOL I really would like to teach close to my mom, but I've been thinking that I could be happy in Central Florida too. I was looking at Kissimmee (close to Orlando) and I would be making considerably more money and the cost of living is close to what it is here. On Amelia Island I would be making about the same as I make here and the cost of living is quite a bit more. The downside to moving farther south is that we won't have my mom close by. I miss my mom. Granted three hours is a whole lot closer than nine, but still I wouldn't be able to see her whenever I wanted to. *sigh* Decisions. Decisions.

Regardless of where we live we have to find mortgage lenders to finance a home. That isn't going to be easy. Ugh. I hate all the things that go into moving.

It's not getting any better

The PCD that is. Well, a friend said we are now upgraded to "Jovi Blues." So I guess we are getting a little better. I'm guessing I should just go ahead and advertise it with one of those cute little marketing pens. You know, with something like "I'm a Joviaholic" on the side. I'm sure my friends and family would get a huge kick out of that. They already think I'm absolutely nuts. LOL They really don't know the half of it though. I don't even think Michael knows.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yep, that's me. I am so addicted. As you know I just came back from a concert at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Monday. I spent the weekend in New England with my friend Lisa for the Bon Jovi concert. It was great......fabulous.......wonderful. Now, however, I am suffering from "Post Concert Depression" or PCD. It happens after every BJ concert I go to. This time it is worse though. It's a completely different experience going with someone who is just as crazy about them as you are. Don't get me wrong, I love going with my wonderful husband, but I tend to hold a tighter reign on my emotions. With another addict I don't feel like I have to do that. Now the PCD is worse. I'm addicted. I'm afraid this time I may need some sort of addiction treatment. *sigh*

My traveling is about to take off.

My friend Lisa and I have decided now that we've had a taste of going to concerts together we can't give it up. Our problem though is that I live here in Nashville and she lives up near Boston. That means when our favorite band plays anywhere in New England I have to go there and when they play down here in the South East she has to come down here. Oh boy. I'm going to need new luggage!!! I've been shopping around and I've decided that I like the Swiss Army luggage. Now I just have to decide what color I want. You know it will either be red or black........or maybe both. ;-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Here is Jon singing Hallelujah

It is only a little bit of the song, but man oh man will he make you melt. *sigh*

Jovi pics.....with some Daughtry thrown in.

I was finally able to upload some pictures. My friend Lisa took these. Her camera was better than mine and I'm sure glad of that. She got some great shots. Go here to get all of them. She took over 300. LOL I'm loving every one of them too. I just don't understand how anyone cannot just melt when they see him. *sigh* I guess it is a sickness for which there is no cure. I'm not complaining though.

He makes the funniest faces when he sings and I love everyone of them.

How can you just not love that face?

*sigh* I really do love that man. Heehee! He makes me act like a teenager again. LOL

Here he is singing Hallelujah.

Jon and Richie with their guitars. Gotta love them both.

Chris Daughtry. He really is a cutie. Fills out a pair of jeans nicely too. ;-)

His songs aren't bad either.

O.M.G. *sigh*

I had a wonderful weekend. What did I do? I went to see Bon Jovi!!!! OMG!! I love that man (sorry honey!) My friend, Lisa, and I had fan club tickets on the floor for the show. It is the closest I've been since they had general admission when I was 17 years old. We were so close!!! I could see that beautiful smile without having to look up at the screens. It was amazing. Of course he was singing just for Lisa and me. Forget about the other 10,000 people in the arena. It was ALL FOR US. *sigh* They played the arena inside the Mohegan Sun casino. It was a packed house and very loud. I loved it. I have to say that Jon sure knows how to work the crowd. He is very good at seduction. *sigh*

It was an adventure getting to the show though. I flew into Providence on Friday night and of course my flight was delayed for over an hour. Lisa picked me up and we went to eat. It had started raining and boy did it rain. It wasn't too bad on Friday night, but Saturday it was crazy. We were going to go into Boston on Saturday before the show since I've never been there, but with the rain we decided to scratch that idea. We got to sleep in a little bit though so that was nice. When we got up we had to get to our hotel in Mystic, CT. It was not a fun drive between the high winds and rain. We finally made it there and checked in. We had about an hour to get ready before we had to leave for the show. We were so excited!! LOL The drive to the casino was worse than the drive to the hotel. The rain was blowing sideways!! Of course the parking garage was full so that meant we had to park in an uncovered lot with all that rain. We got lucky though and found a spot close to the garage so the walk to cover was very short. Once we got inside the casino we found that it was packed. Finding something to eat was not going to be easy. All of the restaurants were on a several hour wait. We finally found the food court (this place is huge by the way) and had pizza. We had to stand up to eat it though. After dinner we decided that we needed to lose some of our clothes (get your mind out of the gutter......we had on 3 shirts and it was hot!!), but we also realized that we left the all important ticket confirmation in the car. Yeah, we had to go back out into the rain. LOL When we came back inside we went to the fan club ticket table to pick up the tickets. We were a little disappointed that we got 17th row, but when we got into the arena and sat down we got over that really quickly. LOL They were great seats!!

Daughtry opened the show. I knew he was on American Idol (I watched the 2 shows Jon was on that season! LOL), but I hadn't heard anything he had done on his own. He wasn't bad and definitely not hard on the eyes. A very nice way to pass the time until Jovi. They came onstage at around 9pm and for 2 hours and 45 minutes they rocked the house. I screamed. I sang. I even cried a little when he sang Hallelujah. I absolutely love that song. I'll post a short video of part of it in a little while. I did not want the show to end. I always get after concert depression when a show ends. It's a sickness. LOL Luckily we have the show in Nashville to look forward to in April. Maybe one this summer too. We'll know more about that when the summer dates come out. I'm excited!!

Luckily it had stopped raining when we left for the hotel. We got back to the hotel and immediately had to look at the over 300 pictures we took. There was a lot of giggling and sighing going on to be sure. LOL We got to bed around 3am (with the time change). The next morning we headed into Boston. It was very windy and COLD though. No matter. We just bundled up and went walking. I got to see the Boston Harbor and a little bit of downtown. I'll go on a tour the next time I'm there so I can see all of the historical sites. We didn't have time this trip. When we left Boston we headed to dinner with another friend. We didn't get home until after 10pm and of course were up looking at the pictures on the computer screen for another hour or so. With about 5 hours sleep we headed to the airport for me to come home.

I'm exhausted, but happily so. It was well worth it. I can't wait until April when Lisa comes here for the next show. I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Well hell

All winter I've complained about not getting any snow. Well guess what. I'm going out of town to Boston (where there is NO forecast for snow) and what is going to happen right here in good ol' Nashville? You guessed it. SNOW! They are saying we could get as much as 6 inches. Well hell. Wouldn't ya know.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Feeling down

I shouldn't be. I should be bouncing off the walls right now. I leave in 3 days going to Boston for a Bon Jovi concert. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly excited about that. I'm just feeling a little lonely tonight.