Friday, March 14, 2008

The ball is rolling

I've started filling out applications to teach in Florida. It's very scary really. The thought of starting over in a new school system and making new friends. I'm comfortable here. LOL I really would like to teach close to my mom, but I've been thinking that I could be happy in Central Florida too. I was looking at Kissimmee (close to Orlando) and I would be making considerably more money and the cost of living is close to what it is here. On Amelia Island I would be making about the same as I make here and the cost of living is quite a bit more. The downside to moving farther south is that we won't have my mom close by. I miss my mom. Granted three hours is a whole lot closer than nine, but still I wouldn't be able to see her whenever I wanted to. *sigh* Decisions. Decisions.

Regardless of where we live we have to find mortgage lenders to finance a home. That isn't going to be easy. Ugh. I hate all the things that go into moving.

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