Thursday, March 20, 2008

I need some new shoes!

Yes I have more than any woman should right now in my closet, but I need more!! Standing on my feet all day teaching is killing my feet and legs. I wear tennis shoes most days because they are the most comfortable, but they don't always look good with whatever I'm wearing. I need something I can wear that looks good and is comfortable. I've been looking at the Dansko clogs. They don't look bad and they look like they would be comfortable. Do you have a favorite pair of very comfy shoes that don't leave your feet and legs tired after standing all day? If so, let me know.

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peach said...

My Berks are the most comfy shoes I own (but aren't the most attractive). I don't know anyone wanting to get rid of a treadmill, but you can have my golf clubs if you want them. Aren't you proud of our boys getting to the big Dance!!! Saw we lost to Xavier, but at least we won the SEC! :)