Monday, November 05, 2007

Well that was fun

Okay so not really. I got home today with the beginnings of what I have recently diagnosed as a migraine. I lie down on the couch and all of a sudden I hear screaming from the other room. Not just any regular everyday scream, but an "I'm in major pain" scream. Joshua comes running into the living room with his hand covering his left eye. I pull the hand away to see blood dripping from a cut just under his eye. Oh boy. I get it to stop bleeding, but it is still swollen and ugly and I can't tell how deep the cut actually is. I get him some ice to put on it while I call the doctor to see what they recommend that I do. Of course they think I should bring him in. Okay that's fine. Now I have to call Michael to bring me the van with the car seats. I call the doctor back to make an appointment and they only have a 5:45pm available. No problem really...................until the storms come through. Why is it that storms always pick the worst times to hit? As we are about to walk out the door I hear that our county is under a tornado warning (side note: what the heck? This is November right?). Not only that, but there is "significant rotation" detected less than a mile from us. Needless to say we didn't leave right then. We waited until the wind died down and the tornado warning had expired. I call the doctor to let her know that we will be a little late. We finally get to her office and she looks at Joshua poor little face. She determines that it's not serious enough for stitches and doesn't really need the glue either. Luck for us, huh? She told me how to best clean the wound and we leave. He's going to be fine and probably no scar. He's very lucky that the stick (yes, I'm a bad mom. I let my kid play with sticks) he was playing with did not go into his eye when he fell. The stick is now confiscated. LOL

It is now 9:20pm and Joshua is asleep and my migraine is still present. I'm hoping that it goes away before tomorrow and that Joshua's shiner isn't too bad. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Michael took one when he got here with the van, but he also took the camera back to work with him.


Beth said...

Oh Paige, I'm so glad it didn't go in his little eye. He's very lucky. I hope your day today is better than last night and your head feels better.


SoCal Sal said...

Ouch-eeee! … I get flashbacks here quite often. LOL

Hope the migraine goes away!