Friday, April 11, 2008

Got one for Christmas....

I got a new comforter and pillows for our king size bed for Christmas, but I've already decided that I need a couple more bedding sets. I love to change up my room. The one I got at Christmas is pretty thick and getting hot. I definitely need a new set for spring and summer. One that is a little lighter and cooler. I love down comforters best though. They are so............comfy. LOL

I will have to decide on color schemes. One thing I have to take into consideration is the color of my dust ruffle. No, I'm not going to change that every time I change the other bedding. We have a king size bed. It is just to hard to change out the dust ruffle. I need something neutral. Got any ideas? Keep in mind that I have a husband who doesn't really feel comfortable sleeping amidst flowers. Not to mention I'm not the flower type either. ;-)

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