Saturday, April 05, 2008

Get well soon Larry!!

I just found out that my beloved Larry Munson (play caller for the Dawgs) had surgery yesterday to remove blood clots in his brain. Sending out lots of prayers for a quick recovery.

If you've never heard Larry call a game you are really missing out. He brings it to life like no other. I first started listening to him when I was 14 years old and my mom wouldn't let me watch anymore UGA games on TV. She was afraid I was going to have a nervous breakdown after the UGA/Clemson game that year. LOL I had to rely on Larry to bring the games to me. Well he did. With passion and humor. He loves the Dawgs as much as I do and it shows every time he calls a play.

Me made another fan in Christian a couple years ago. We were driving from Florida on the day of the UGA/Tech game and of course had to listen to the game. It was the first time Christian (former Gator fan) had heard him. He was as enthralled with the voice and passion as I was. He kept telling me that he had chills. LOL Larry can do that to you.

Last year Larry decided that he was only going to call home games. This broke my heart. While I don't get to listen to him as often now that I live in the dreaded Big Orange Country (shudder shudder) I still enjoy listening to clips of his calls.

Get well soon Larry.

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kujbs said...

Awww, great story! I hope Larry is better soon!!!