Sunday, September 13, 2009

UGA 41 (1-1) USC 37 (1-1)

OH MY GOODNESS!! What a game!! This game was absolutely amazing! Talk about ups and downs in emotion! Geez, I didn't know if I would survive this game. I knew I was going to have a heart attack before the end. And I was completely exhausted by the end. The poor kids and dog. I scared them a couple times with my yelling at the tv. I have got to find my tv brick!! Or my splash ball to throw when needed.

We had a little bit of everything in this on folks. Fumbles. Interceptions. Reverse for a TD. Kickoff return for a touchdown. Fake punt. Safety. Blocked extra point. Penalties. Last second heroics. It was crazy!! And I loved it! I haven't seen such an exciting game in a very long time. Wasn't it Corso who said it was going to be a boring game? Ha! Keep talking Corso, just don't pick my Dawgs to win thankyouverymuch!

My phone was going nuts with all my Twitter friends. Heck my Twitter feed was going nuts too. I have to say that I was using some horrible language A LOT last night. LOL But if you know me at all you know that UGA football brings that out like nothing else. I'm sure I need to apologize to some of my non-UGA followers.

The stats from the game:
1. Cox was 17 for 24 for 200 yards 2 TDs and 1 interception
2. Samuel carried 15 times for 65 yards
3. Smith carried twice for 65 yards
4. Thomas carried 6 times for 22 yards.
5. Green caught 6 balls for 86 yards.
6. We threw to 6 different receivers.
7. 352 total yards (not counting sacks)
8. 257 kickoff return yards (Boykin had 4 for 189 with a 100 yarder for a TD, Smith had 2 for 60 yards)

At the end of the game I was on the floor on my knees praying! With 22 seconds left USC was on the 7 yard line. They had to have a touchdown to win. A field goal would do nothing for them. It was 4th down. Garcia stepped back to throw the ball. All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR RENNIE CURRAN!!!! He batted the ball down and the ball was ours. Now did I see all that live? Heck no! I was on the floor praying as I mentioned. I had to watch the replay. LOL All that was left was for my boys to kneel down in the victory formation. My favorite play in all of football. Well, when WE do it. ;)

Oh and I have to mention the kicking game! Our kickoffs were going into the end zone! OMG! Can you believe it? We actually had a touch back! Unheard of!! LOL Not only that, but Blair Walsh had a 50 yard field goal! I was loving me some Blair Walsh last night! (that was for you Rex! ;) )

It was an incredibly fun game. Now if we had lost it I'm not sure I would be saying that. LOL But to make it all the more fun was the fact that it caused Spurrier all kinds of frustration. Look, here he is at the end. Note the GSP fist bump right behind him. That makes me giggle! Heehee

Next up Arkansas.

Until next week...........GATA Dawgs!

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