Sunday, September 20, 2009

UGA 52 (2-1) Arkansas 41 (1-1)

Holy roller coaster of emotions Dawg fans! For the 2nd week in a row my Dawgs have just about given me a heart attack! I'm getting too old for this boys!! There was a lot going on last night for sure. Our offense looked fantastic (well except for some turnovers!)! Joe! He proved he can lead this team. I said I would reserve judgment after that first horrible game because he was sick. Some fans weren't so forgiving. They aren't calling for his head today though. They are thanking their lucky stars he was on the field last night!! I hope he has shut them up for good. Oh and by the way, Joe Cox was named Walter Camp Football Foundation National Offensive Player of the Week. He had 5 touchdowns which ties him with Stafford, Shockley, and Greene for touchdowns in a game.

While our offense kicked it last night our defense was a completely different story. They looked sick and not sick in a good way! Arkansas' Mallett threw for 408 freakin' yards!! What the hell??? Really, how do you leave eligible receivers so wide open all night? Even I know better than that! They were able to stop the run so at least we have that, but we've got some damn good QBs in the SEC and if we continue to leave receivers wide open like that they are going to light us up every freakin' Saturday!! Now I'm not one to jump on the "Let's fire *name your coach*" bandwagon, but enough is enough. Martinez needs to go. Our defense definitely needs an overhaul. They cannot continue to count on the offense to bail them out. They have their own issues (turnovers and penalties) to work on.

Speaking of penalties............ummm, yeah I lost count of how many we had. I'm sure I could find it somewhere, but lets just say we had WAY TOO MANY on both sides of the ball(and it wasn't even Penn Wagers out there!)!!! We gotta take care of that boys. There is NO excuse for that. None. Pay attention to what you are doing!! Ok, looked it up...........we had 14 penalties for 93 yards. Ridiculous!!!!

Ok, now onto special teams. *sigh* As much as I loved them last week they left a lot to be desired this week. This directional kicking thing? It AIN'T working! How many times did our kickoffs go out of bounds last night? Geez! Kick the damn ball deep and trust your kickoff coverage team to do their jobs for crying out loud. That said, Butler had an amazing 64 yard punt at the end that helped keep Arkansas from rallying.

Here are the stats from the game:

1. Cox was 18 of 26 for 375 yards and 5 touchdowns and 1 interception.
2. Samuel carried 16 times for 104 yards.
3. King carried 11 for 59 yards.
4. Green caught 7 balls for 137 yards.
5. Moore caught 6 for 91 yards.
6. 530 total yards

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Next up Arizona State.

Until next week.....................GATA Dawgs!!!

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