Friday, September 11, 2009

Are you a flirt?

I've been thinking about this for awhile now. I used to be a big time flirt. I didn't do it much in high school, but I think that was because I went to 3 different high schools and I was always the new girl so I wasn't really comfortable getting noticed. I'm actually quite shy. Even still.

When I went to college I started flirting a lot. I was no longer the new girl. Heck we were all new. LOL I loved flirting. It was fun and for me innocent. I wasn't really looking to hook up or anything. It was mostly to make someone smile at me. LOL I loved to flirt with my male friends because they were the safest in my opinion. I think some of their girlfriends didn't like that though. Opps, sorry. :) I would get free drinks from the bartender at my favorite bar. Flirting had its advantages for sure.

I continued to be a flirt after I left college. I worked in a hotel and I would flirt with guests and coworkers. Again, it was fun and innocent. Other girls used to ask me why I was able to go into the kitchen and get the chef to make me anything I wanted. Well, I always flirted with him. I was nice to him unlike some of them. I also appreciated that he would make me stuff. I never expected it, but it was always nice when he would. It was yet another advantage of flirting. ;)

I left the hotel business and started teaching. I'm sad to say that I no longer flirt. I work in a building full of women. There is no one to flirt with. I miss it. I think I've lost the art of it. And that makes me sad.

So, are you a flirt? Did you used to flirt but no longer do it? If so, why did you stop? Come on, I really want to know.

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Lisa said...

Yes, I used to flirt. Towards the end of high school when I had been there a while and had made good friends, they were indeed the safest to flirt with. In college to an extent and then in my early 20s. I enjoyed going out with friends and such, and yes, enjoyed flirting. Then I went into preschool teaching, yep, mostly women. Somehow flirting with the dads was not an option. lol And then I had my own kid and later another. I think life just took over, I didn't go out nearly as much and I lost it. It was fun and yes, I miss it. I am sure I could still do it, if given the chance. But there aren't many chances for it these days. As you well know. sigh....