Sunday, September 30, 2007

Attention all football fans.............College and NFL


There is one thing that irritates me more than any other either while watching a game in the stands or watching on tv. That is fans booing their own team. This especially irritates me in college football. Come on folks these are kids. They are playing to the best of their ability. They make mistakes. Don't make it worse. You show how classless you are when you boo a kid. I've been known to tell those booing around me to sit down and shut up. I mean really, if they could play any better they would be out there on the field instead of up in the stands with me. I was at the Vandy game last night and the fans were booing when Eastern Michigan scored. Ummm, hello people............your team was winning handily. What is the purpose of the booing? Your team played well enough to win and you are booing them? WTF? I was dumbfounded.

I was at a Titans game in '99 or 2000 (I forget which) and we were playing the Bengals. The fans were booing Steve McNair. Are football fans just stupid? I was again dumbfounded when they were booing #9. Did they not realize he was having one of his best games? He had over 300 passing yards. What more did they want from him? It was completely ridiculous for them to be booing. We won the game for crying out loud.

Unfortunately it happens often in college and professional football. My plea is that fans either learn a little more about the game or grow up and stop showing your ignorance. These players are not perfect and they are going to make mistakes. How would you feel if people were booing you when you made a mistake?

If you must boo somebody, boo the opposing team. They kinda expect it.


Michael said...

I'm with you to a point...

Like doing the wave (only when your team is on defense!!!!!!!), there is a time and a place to boo. Booing after a mistake a player has made, that's not good. But I think you can boo after a bad series of coaching calls or if the team has 4th and inches at the half foot line and doesn't go for a tight game where you need a TD more than a field goal.

But then again, most people these days are ignorant of how to behave in any social I don't expect it to get any better.

That said, I will be gladly booting UGA this week. :)

SoCal Sal said...

College: I totally agree. Those kids are representing the best they can.

Pros: A bit different in my book. They weren’t actually booing at the Chargers game, they were chanting “Marty, Marty” … I guess when you upgrade your talent from a 14-2 team and then proceed to go 1-3, you gotta expect it, especially at those ticket prices.

Hope your birthday went well!

Klinde said...


And don't get me started on fair weather fans...


Paige said...

Michael: I don't even boo what I feel are bad calls by the coaches. I guess I have this loyalty thing going on. LOL I may not like/agree with it, but I don't boo. I'll come back and complain on my blog. LOL

Oh and go ahead and boo us. We understand. ;-)

Sal: Ticket prices or not I still don't agree with booing your team. We pay for entertainment and that is what we get. Even if it is bad. LOL It's still entertainment. I have to agree with the "Marty" thing. WTF were they thinking? Wanted to ask you what the buzz is out there with that. I'm sure no one is very happy about it.

And, my birthday was great. I got to go to a football game. Fun even though it wasn't my Dawgs or Titans.

Klinde: No doubt! I HATE fair weather fans too. Love them or hate them, but don't waffle about it.