Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ever gotten a gift that embarassed you?

I was at a bridal shower today and the bride-to-be was getting some very nice gifts. We were all jealous of some of the items she was opening. I know I really wanted the fabulous floor lamp. Mine is old and rickety. LOL Anyway, she gets to this one really pretty gift bag. There isn't a name on it. When she opened it her face turned 3 shades of red. Some anonymous person got her a crotchless panty (warning.....the link goes to a sexy lingerie site and may not be appropriate for certain locations or people). I think we were all a little shocked and a little embarrassed. Not that there is anything wrong with crotchless panties, but this was not a lingerie party. It was a bridal shower with quite a few older women there. You know the type..........................the ones who don't talk about sex. The ones that get all flustered when the subject even comes up. I think that is where most of the embarrassment came from for most of us. LOL It probably wouldn't have been an issue at all if it were a bunch of younger women. Our conversations tend to lean in that direction anyway. ;-)

We never did find out who got them for her. No one would fess up and no it wasn't me. LOL

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