Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it winter yet?

I am so ready for cooler weather. Even cold weather. It has been a horribly hot summer and it is just now starting to cool off. This weekend we get high temperatures in the 70s. I'm loving it. I'm ready for some cold weather though. Maybe we can find the time and the money to take a winter trip to Colorado or somewhere and learn to ski. It's pretty sad that I've never been snow skiing in my life. It's not like there aren't places close that I couldn't have visited while in college. While I've done some amazingly fun things in my life, I've also missed out on even more. I will definitely have to plan a trip sometime soon to help remedy that situation.

The Christy Sports site is a great place to find everything you would need for a ski trip. They have it all. They have rossignol skis and snowboards. You can get the bindings, boots, and bag all in one place. It's pretty cool.

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