Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I travel by car.

I really do travel an awful lot and it is always in the car. Not only do I travel, but I travel pretty long distances. I guess that's what happens when your entire family lives nine hours away. One thing that I have realized while driving is that I have a lead foot (I take after my momma in that respect). I desperately need a radar detector. I'm sure that my luck is going to run out pretty soon. I'm actually surprised I haven't been stopped yet. I've been checking out radar detector reviews to see if I can find a good one. Do you have one that works well that you recommend?


Silas1216 said...

I have several good radar/laser detector in stock along with a few more reasons to use one.
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SoCal Sal said...

Be careful. It is my understanding that those things are illegal and frowned upon if caught with one.