Sunday, September 09, 2007

Well that was fun!

Titans 13
Jags 10

Where the heck did the running game come from? I'm impressed. Supposedly the Jags have a great run defense, but we were racking up the yards on the ground all day. We had a hard time getting in the end zone though. Chris Brown alone had 175 rushing yards (he is leading the league in rushing at this time.......closest is Travis Henry--Denver-- with 134)! We had 282 rushing yards as a team. Wow! How often do you see that happen? On the opposite side, we held the Jags to 72 rushing yards. All their rushing yards came in the second half too. Weren't we ranked dead last in rushing defense last year? Again, wow! We held Jones-Drew to only 32 yards. He was scary good last year. I was worried about going against him this year. We had a good showing! I just hope that we can keep it up.

It wasn't all good though. We had a tough time getting in the end zone. If I remember correctly we should have had at least 3 more touchdowns than we did. We were inside the 10 and had to settle for field goals and one time we came away with no points because we missed a 4th and goal.

I'm very happy with the outcome of the game. It made my weekend a little better.

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