Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This ticks me off!

I cannot believe (okay, maybe I can, but just don't want to) that the Patriots were cheating! They were video taping defensive signals by the Jets. WTF?! They are supposed to be one of the elite teams in the NFL. Well now I don't think so. Makes me ask how long have they been doing this? How many teams have they spied on? I know it isn't the first time they have been accused of it.

The NFL is also looking into the number of radio frequencies they used during the game. So there is a possibility that they were not only taping the signals, but listening in on the Jets too? That is crazy! It defiles the integrity of the game. It pisses me off! I love this game and to think that a team is blatantly cheating just................well pisses me off!

Commissioner Roger Goodell is talking about serious sanctions. What is being mentioned is taking away several draft picks. That isn't severe enough if you ask me. How about forfeiting their win on Sunday?

I do realize that the possibility exists that they are not the only ones doing it and that really bothers me. I hope that they are the only ones. I'd like to believe in the sport I love and the men who play and coach it.

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SoCal Sal said...

Perhaps that’s why they have done so well, rat bastards!

Way cool for us, we are there Sunday night. Should be a good game, better now that they shouldn’t be cheating. Also, you get a chance to size up the competition. *wink*