Saturday, September 15, 2007

Holy Cow!

I don't want to play Alabama next week! They are kicking butt right now! They are playing #16 (Arkansas) and right now it is 31-10. Another game that I didn't expect to go the way it is going. This is really going to be a crazy year in the SEC.

Damn! What a turn around in the second half. The score is now tied! 31-31.

HOLY COW!!!! 8 seconds left and Alabama just went ahead 41-38! This has been a great game! I love games like this as long as my team isn't involved!

Wow what a game! I'm all tense and have no love for either team.

I love this game!!!

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Beth said...

Roll Tide!!! Man that was the best game ever. Nick Saban is kicking A$$ now and taking names later!!