Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Only 9 more days!!

My best friends and I have an annual girls' weekend. Usually the first or second weekend in October we rent a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. We get there on Friday, go shopping for our food and drink, go to the cabin, get in out lounging clothes, and do not leave the cabin until Sunday afternoon when we go to the downtown (ha) area for a little shopping and some great ice cream. We then go back to cabin and back into our lounging clothes. We get up on Monday, clean up and go home..............and immediately start counting down for the next year.

Now, these cabins we rent are absolutely gorgeous. They usually have 3-4 bedrooms. They are decorated in a very rustic style which means everything is wood.........all the way down to the wood blinds.

It usually rains and is cold which suits us just fine. We build a fire or light the gas logs in the fireplace and make chili. We also watch the UGA/Vols game on Saturday night.

It doesn't get any better. *sigh* I can't wait!!

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