Saturday, September 08, 2007

There's not crap on for football right now.

Okay so maybe I should rephrase that. There's not a game one that I give one flying flip about right now. Which is to say that there is no SEC football on right now. LOL I did watch the Vandy/Bama game earlier. Didn't like the outcome of that one. Now all I have to choose from is Oregon/Michigan (overrated.............oh wait.........they lost to Appalachian State last week...........they are not overrated anymore..........hee hee!), Chattanooga/Jacksonville State, Fresno State/Texas A&M, or NC State/Boston College. I care nothing for any of these teams. I've chosen to watch Oregon/Michigan. Right now Michigan is losing 18-7.

I'm stuck with this game until my Dawgs start at 4:45. We are playing South Carolina with the much hated Steve Spurrier coaching. I'm not very confident about this game. I have to see my boys play a little more and against an SEC opponent before I can feel really good about them.

I'll keep you posted on my game..........unless of course they piss me off enough and then it may be better if I stay away from blogging for a day or two. LOL

UPDATE ON THE OREGON/MICHIGAN GAME: Oregon 32 Michigan 7 Little over 2 minutes left in the first half.

Oregon 39 Michigan 7 Final

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