Saturday, September 08, 2007

Looking pretty ugly.

This damn game! Why do I watch football? It just pisses me off most days. Our offense can't do much and our defense is getting tired already. South Carolina's defense is all over the place. (Note: I do not credit Spurrier for the defense!)

He's a freshman, right? Knowshon Moreno is fun to watch!!! Wow!

I hate this game! I hate this game! I hate this game!


(Sorry mom.)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm a Tennessee fan, but I hate Spurrier, too. I always pull for him... to lose!

Beth said...

Paige, step away from the TV. It will be ok. LOL. Girl I'm sorry you didn't have a great day watching football.

Paige said...

LOL I had to yell online. I couldn't yell at home. It scares the dog and the kids. LOL I'm a little better now. I just hate games like that. I'd much rather lose a blowout than one where we have a chance. That just pisses me off. LOL