Sunday, October 21, 2007

They are killing me!!

My Titans. They are driving me nuts. They cannot get into the end zone for anything. They have made 6 (at the moment) field goals and only 1 touchdown today. The 6 field goals are a franchise record. The NFL record is 7. We are on track to break that one. Our defense is playing really well again, but our offense is really really bad. Okay, not horrible, but not really good either. If it wasn't for our defense we would not be winning many games. *sigh*

As I type this we did get into the end zone for the 2nd time today. Chris Henry got his 1st NFL touchdown. Good for him.

ETA: Our defense is starting to not play so well. *sigh*

ETA (again): "Wow what a game!" says the announcer. Ummm, yeah! We barely pulled it out with a Bironas field goal (yeah he broke the NFL record for number of field goals in a game with 8) with 4 seconds left. Good for him, but dang!! That is just crazy. We need to be getting in the end zone. It's embarrassing if you really want to think about it.

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