Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Do you suffer from them? I get them, but not very often. They have been known to last for an entire week though. I got my first one at 14 years old. It was massive. I missed an entire week of school and the doctor gave me 2 prescriptions, some samples he had in his office, and a shot. Even with all that it lasted the entire week. I've only had one other one that bad and that was when I was 17 and we had just moved to Florida. Now I get them about every couple months or so, but not that bad. I try to catch it early so it doesn't get bad. I usually succeed.

I have a cousin who gets really really bad ones at least once a week. She is miserable. So far she hasn't been able to find anything that works for her. Her next option is to try Botox for migraines. I just hope it works for her. I know that I couldn't handle having migraines at least once a week.

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Leesa said...

I've been getting them since I was 12. They were really horrible at first and I got them quite often. I was on beta blockers for awhile. They truly knocked me down for however long I had them.

They've slowed down since I've gotten older, but they're still hard on me.