Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So I'll be very busy until Friday and then MIA for the weekend

This is my the weekend for my annual girls' weekend in the North Georgia mountains. I am so excited. An entire weekend with no responsibilities, good books, good food, good drinks, and great friends. This weekend though we have some major life changing things to talk about with one of our group. Should be interesting.

Until then I have to clean my house since one of the girls is coming tomorrow to stay with me and then drive to the cabin on Friday. Not only that, but my mom is coming on Saturday to keep the kids for the rest of the weekend and then stay the rest of the week. The kids are very excited about that. Me too actually.

This weekend is the UGA-Tennessee weekend. I will be watching the game of course. And, my phone will be turned off. My younger brothers have a tendency to call me especially if we lose. They are Vol fans (shudder). Keep in mind that I NEVER call them to rub it in when their team loses. They, however, do not extend the same courtesy. I didn't even call them when Vandy beat them. Aren't I a nice sister? I have a scar on my hand where I hit the coffee table when one of them called me after a particularly horrible loss. I so wish it would have been the brother I had hit. It would have hurt less. LOL Hopefully this year I won't get that kind of call and when I return on Monday I can blog about what a wonderful game it was. I'll keep my fingers crossed and I promise not to rub it in to my UT friends if we win.

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