Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not 100% child free, but.......

I'm down by 50%. Seems that one of my children would rather be at PaPaw's house than at home with his parents and his sister. Joshua got to make the two and a half hour drive after school today to see his PaPaw. Grandma stopped by the school to pick him up. Now he will be at their house until I go get him on Saturday. What does that mean for the remaining child? Well, now she can play with whatever she wants with no worries that her older brother is going to take it away from her. She gets to watch whatever she wants at quiet time. She gets exclusive mommy and daddy time. I think she will enjoy a couple brother free days.


Beth said...

Will they take mine too. LOL

SoCal Sal said...

LOL, good for her.

Drat, you're busy Sat and I have to work. I was hoping to talk some football!

Maybe next time. Take care dear.