Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Girls' Weekend

How much fun did we have? Loads of fun. What do we do? Absolutely nothing! It is the most wonderful weekend. There are no responsibilities and no stress. It's just three best friends, a few books and movies, some knitting, and lots of catching up.

This year we stayed in a new cabin. This one was by far our favorite. It was decorated very tastefully. They were not trying to achieve the whole "mountain cabin" look to the point of overdoing it. There were artificial deer antlers on the chandelier and the lamps, but none of the bears or moose stuff scattered all around. Like I said it was very tasteful. Even the fixtures were understated. They had very nice Kohler Faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen. I find it funny that I would notice the faucets. LOL But, they were really nice.

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